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25 April 2024
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US Economy’s Biggest Crash Will Send Bitcoin To $200

Finance Editor Harry Dent has predicted that the US economy’s biggest crash could occur this year in 2024 which will send Bitcoin and the stock market much lower than the 2008 financial crisis.

The bold prediction comes at a time when the US economy and Bitcoin are aiming to hit new all-time highs. Dent explained that the Millennials and Gen Z generation will experience the biggest crash of their lifetime this year.

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US Economy: A Bigger Crash Incoming That Will Send Bitcoin To $200

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The analyst said in an interview with Fox News that the housing bubble could be the first domino to fall in 2024. The ripples of the fall will create a domino effect that’ll affect the S&P, the US economy, and Bitcoin, he said.

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“I think 2024 is going to be the biggest single crash year we’ll see in our lifetimes. This crash is not going to be a correction,” he said during the interview. Bitcoin is currently trading at the $66,300 level while the US economy is recovering from the COVID-19 era.

Robert Kiyosaki, the Author of the financial self-help book Rich Dad Poor Dad, acknowledged the prediction on X. He stressed that if the prediction comes true, he will begin to accumulate lots of Bitcoin at cheaper prices.

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Harry Dent is predicting the biggest ‘everything’ crash is coming. He is saying the ‘Baby Boom Generation’ will be the biggest losers, as their homes crash in value. He says the S&P will fall by 80%,” in the US economy while Bitcoin fall to $200.

Kiyosaki said that he “hopes” Dent is right as it’ll give investors the chance of a lifetime to buy Bitcoin. “I hope Harry Dent is right. Even if he isn’t those who are holding gold, silver, and Bitcoin will be richer,” he tweeted.

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