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1 March 2024
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Vitalik Buterin Ethereum (ETH) Founder is happy about Civilized Discussions Taking Place on the Network

Discussions on protocol development can be interesting if it is civilized. And more of interesting research ideas are coming up.

Vitalik Buterin tweeted:  “I’m very proud of what ethresear.ch has become over the last few years; more and more high-quality work and discussion happening on there every day. Big thanks to @virgilgr for setting up the forum and maintaining it for a long time.”

There was a recent video from Austin Griffith about start building on Ethereum today with Scaffold – eth.

Making something on Web 3.0 on the decentralized thing that you don’t even understand. So, you got to have the basics down with you to build. Starting with Scaffold eth. It is not a product in itself, but it is a combination of a lot of other great products.

The Scaffold-eth is a stack of already existing tools including the Buidler and the create-eth-app.  Its super powers is being able to work on smart contracts while you work on your front end.  It is between creating your smart contract logic and building the front end functionality. If you Google you get all these tutorials and quick starts.  Get in to this smart contract sandbox. It is great for building decentralized applications on Ethereum. It is possible to get straight to building with the 5 minutes quick start.

Using the smart contract sand box it is possible to learn how to quickly iterate on a smart contract by making use of the Contract component.

A range of tutorials are available ranging from programming decentralized money ranging from Buidler, create eth app, hot reloading smart contracts, providers, hooks, components and building the decentralized applications.

Very soon more of tutorials are to be added ranging from learning how to deploy a token, exotic mechanisms; tutorials for minimum viable decentralized exchange, basics of automated market makers, Uniswap, how reserve affects price, trading and slippage from low liquidity and a whole lot of stuff.

Ethereum (ETH) Finding Bugs

The ETH 2.0 fuzzing journey continues. They have to state that they have found one valid bug so far on the Lodestar client.  They have released a guide for Windows and macOS on how they can fuzz and help client teams. The Sigma Prime Beacon Fuzzer is used to automatically find bugs.

The snap shot acceleration structure to ask anything about Geth is up.  Péter Szilágyi is set to answer the highest voted one each week with a mini write up.

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