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6 June 2023
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Vitalik Buterin has these cryptocurrencies in his wallet

The well-known co-founder of the Ethereum project, Vitalik Buterin, reveals in a statement which cryptocurrencies he possesses. He also clarified which projects he is involved in both financially and on a voluntary basis.

Buterin published the statement after suspicions of conflicts of interest regarding the Ethereum Release Manager, Ari Schoedon. He would also work for Parity Tech, the company that works on Polkadot. Polkadot can be regarded as a direct competitor of Ethereum. After the conflict of interest came to light, Schoedon resigned.

Buterin’s statement shows that 80% of its portfolio consists of ETH. Buterin received his salary in ethereum in the past 12 months. In addition, 10% of its crypto consists of “BCH, BTC, DOGE, ZEC”.

Finally, slightly less than 10% of its portfolio consists of “KNC, MKR, OMG and REP” (kyber network, maker, OmiseGo and augur). He is also a shareholder in both Starkware and Clearmatics.

In his statement, Buterin explains that Starkware is a company that develops “the Full Proof Stack for the STARK zero-knowledge protocol”. Furthermore, Clearmatics is a start-up “that develops next-generation clearing machines for financial OTC markets”.

In euros, this means that Buterin has some € 44 million in ethereum, and thus about € 8.8 million spread over bitcoin, bitcoin cash, dogecoin, zcash, KNC, MKR, OMG, and REP.

Buterin would have sold around 30,000 ETH during the crypto boom for an amount of approximately € 17.7 million. By publishing the declaration with all information about which crypto it has, and where it holds shares, Buterin hopes to show that in his case there is no conflict of interest.

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