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17 September 2021
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Vitalik Buterin joins Stoner Cats, the NFT show

Vitalik Buterin , the founder of Ethereumwill be part of the cast of Stoner Cats, the TV show linked to blockchain and NFT, produced by actress Mila Kunis. 

According to reports , the cast of this series is completely Hollywood, with famous names such as Jane Fonda, Chris Rock and Ashton Kutcher. The union of Buterin with this cast seems to complete the mission of the animated web series that wants to strengthen the presence of the crypto world.

Specifically, the founder of Ethereum will give a voice to the taxidermic cat named Catsington. 

But the most surprising thing is that in order to see the first five-minute episode, viewers must purchase an NFT or Non-Fungible Token . Basically, these NFTs only digital representations of works related to the show’s characters.

Not only that, as soon as they are made, NFT tickets will also be available, able to unlock all the episodes of Stoner Cats. 

The price of each NFT is 0.35 ETH , the equivalent of nearly $ 750 at the time of writing. 

It is a real crypto crowdfunding using NFTs . In this regard, Morgan Beller, a general partner of venture firm NFX and a member of the team behind “Stoner Cats” defines such financing as a direct exchange between consumers and creators, cutting out the middlemen and, in some cases, offering some ‘of creative control to the consumers themselves. 

Vitalik Buterin and the NFT-funded series 

Beller also described how Buterin, who was involved after writing the Stoner Cats script, is acting out in voicing his character. 

“He doesn’t like to swear and his character said ‘fuck’ a couple of times, so he asked if they could change it and they were accommodating.”

The changes requested on the set, however, have not been extended to the model created by the team. In fact, all the cast, including the Russian programmer, will be paid in ETH and in equal measure , depending on the level of funding the project will receive at the initial launch of NFT. 

The team’s forecast is to reach at least 50% of its total funding target , represented by 10,420 NFTs, which would be the equivalent of approximately $ 7.5 million already at the initial launch . If that were the case, the entire cast could earn half this amount, without having to pay additional intermediaries. 

In this sense, Beller concludes with: 

“We see it as an opportunity to educate people [about crypto] and bring them into the fold. I personally think a lot of crypto assets are daunting. I think we need people and faces and voices that non-crypto followers recognize and trust to start explaining these concepts. Even if this fails, we can make it happen ”.

This new collaboration of the Russian programmer co-founder of Ethereum aligns with his opinion expressed a few days ago at the fourth Ethereum Community Conference. 

In fact, Buterin had stated that being defined by Decentralized Finance or DeFi is certainly better than being defined out of thin air, but Ethereum must go further. Here is that NFTs as crypto crowdfunding could be the desired addition. 

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