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25 April 2024
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Place digital graffiti anywhere in the world with bitcoin

With the help of a new reality platform, supported by cryptocurrency, it is now possible to place digital graffiti on Google Maps in exchange for bitcoin (BTC), reports crypto-website Hard Fork, part of The Next Web.

The platform, called Satoshi’s World, uses a special feed from Google Maps, which makes it possible to view and post text messages, images and GIFs for a small amount in bitcoin.

People can place the small orange icon (Pegman) anywhere in the world and then get a picture of the place in first-person perspective. On this image a random message can be placed for the price of 50 satoshis ($ 0.0018) per character. Pictures, GIFs and even emojis are also possible.

It took only a few hours before “bitcoin” was written over the White House.

The developer was asked why he chose to use the Lightning Network. Pseudozach says that transaction costs on the traditional bitcoin blockchain are far too high for this type of very small transactions. The Lightning Network is also much faster:

I started by asking 10 satoshis per sign, and a few people wrote ‘bitcoin’. That was 70 satoshis, that is almost impossible on the blockchain itself.

Another reason is, Lightning is immediate, so I take the payment and the user refreshes the page and sees the graffiti immediately. On the blockchain we would have to wait for a few blocks first (20-40 minutes).

Furthermore, the developer indicates that he has no interest yet to censor everything:

I am absolutely not interested in censoring or supervising what is happening there, so I will let it go for a while, but if there is a chance that it will bring me into trouble, I will come up with something.

If you like to play with this, you can find the website here.

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