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22 March 2023
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has his own Bitcoin Lightning Network node

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, recently runs his own Bitcoin Lightning Network node, according to Dorsey in a tweet. The news underlines once again that he is a Bitcoin fan.

A node is an important part of a blockchain network. All transactions that have ever been done on the network and will be done in the future are stored by a node. The more nodes are part of a network, the greater the decentralization of a blockchain network. The degree of decentralization largely determines how secure a network is.

Dorsey received a ready-made node from Casa, a company that makes plug-and-play nodes using a Raspberry Pi 3B +. The company sells these for $ 300 with customers of the company receiving a gold membership for the platform.

With the Casa node Dorsey makes the Lightning Network together with other node owners safer. The Lightning Network is a solution for the Bitcoin network to scale up the number of transactions and send them faster between cryptocurrency wallets.

Recently Dorsey took over the Lightning Torch, a kind of Bitcoin version of the Olympic flame. A large number of important individuals and companies, such as Fidelity, have already taken over the Torch. With the initiative, Bitcoin hopes to generate more publicity for the Lightning Network and to test the network in addition.

Now that Dorsey is contributing to the Lightning Network, it becomes clear once again that the Twitter CEO is a real bitcoiner. Earlier, Dorsey expressed his hope that bitcoin “becomes the native currency of the internet”.

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