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5 Celebrity Meme Coins You Should Probably Sell This Week

Celebrity meme coins surged this month after a handful of launched tokens and the market rebound. Last week marked the highs of most celebrity tokens as some coins hit all-time highs amid the frenzy. However, recent days have shifted the momentum of celebrity meme coins alongside the wider market.

On-chain data places the market of these assets at $10.1 million, a small figure compared to other giant meme coin classes. This has sparked more participation from the community looking to make a quick profit from the asset class. The trend has led to short-term inflows before exits crashing the price of these assets. Here are 5 celebrity meme coins to sell this week.

Tate Stop (TME)

Andrew Tate-themed crypto tokens dominated meme coin spaces last week following huge spikes in prices. However, recent numbers show declining sentiments. TME is down 40% in the last 24 hours plunging weekly numbers below 20%. Trading at $0.001419, the asset maintains a downward tray from previous highs.

Mother Iggy (MOTHER)

MOTHER was among meme coins dominating user spaces last week. The asset exchanges hands at $0.1401, down 23.4% today although weekly flows remain in the green zone. Most analysts posit the declining sentiment in the market coupled with low celebrity coins traction could impact the token. 

Top G (TOPG)

Top G, another Tate-themed token is down 43.7% today with low intraday dewing volumes adding to weakened sentiments. Top G trades at $0.01598 with volumes recording declining numbers. According to data from CoinGecko, its volume stands at $13 million


RNT is another meme coin affected by the bearish sentiment with its price plunging lower. The asset trades at $0.02184 plunging 22.1% today. Token holders rallied behind the asset because of positive trading volumes during the market uptick.

Timeless Davido (DAVIDO)

This token sparked a frenzy around social media spaces but immediately plummeted leading to huge sell-offs. At the time of writing, DAVIDO trades at $0.00037, down 41.6% in the last 24 hours and 70% this week.

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