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29 May 2024
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AI News: 5 Potential Updates OpenAI May Announce This Week

The building anticipation in the artificial intelligence (AI) space among enthusiasts will come to a climax as OpenAI unveils its incoming updates. Speculation and predictions have been circulating among users, eager to catch a glimpse and explore what is in store.

OpenAI, spearheaded by Sam Altman, is set to release the latest update to ChatGPT, the text generative AI. This AI has set the likes of Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and Mark Zuckerberg of Meta in a competitive race into the realm of artificial super intelligence.

Will OpenAI GPT-4 Become Free?

Alvaro Cintas, AI, cybersecurity and technology expert based on predictions and industry leaks collated some possible major releases that OpenAI could unveil. Among the top picks for potential updates include phone calling abilities, voice assistant and a possible pricing shift. Others are object recognition and enhanced models.

As per Cintas, the integration of phone call capabilities within ChatGPT will offer users the ability to engage in real-time conversations seamlessly. This feature, although speculated to be a small part of the event announcement, holds promise for enhancing the interactive experience within the platform.

Another highly anticipated update revolves around the introduction of a Voice Assistant by OpenAI. With ambitions to rival industry giants like Apple and Google, the development of a real-time chat model capable of seeing, hearing, responding, and interrupting in real-time is anticipated to be on the horizon.

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Additionally, there are expectations for significant adjustments in pricing for the GPT-4 API. There is the possibility of a drastic reduction in prices. However, others speculate the introduction of a free tier for ChatGPT users with access to GPT-4, though with quota limits.

Experts Not Betting on GPT-5

Interestingly, there is little hope for GPT-5 being on the immediate horizon. Notwithstanding, speculation suggests the announcement of a notably enhanced model surpassing GPT-4. Furthermore, OpenAI has also been teasing its customers with glimpses of a new multimodal AI model capable of both conversing and recognizing objects, hinting at further advancements in AI capabilities.

Meanwhile, preparations for the unveiling event on May 13 include enhancements to the ChatGPT iOS app. This include such conversational mode preparations, the absence of a model selector, a lite mode for the conversational UI, and the addition of a mute button.

The unveiling of OpenAI updates will confirm the prevailing speculations this week. While the anticipation mounts, experts expect that OpenAI will comply with regulatory guidelines to avoid legal tussles.

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