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30 May 2024
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Best Buy Cryptocurrencies Under $5 For May

Crypto markets offer vast options of cryptocurrencies at various prices, making it highly efficient for new investors looking for investment opportunities. Moreover, diversifying the portfolio helps to manage the losses when the market conditions are right.

In this regard, this blog lists the best buy cryptocurrencies under $5 and which also have the potential to make profits over time.


PEPE has just created a new all-time high target of $0.00001101 after gaining a 21% hike in the last 24 hours. The frog meme coin is trading at $0.00001072 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,821,615,466 after a 325% surge. PEPE price has been surging for weeks and has gained a 105% hike in a month. Moreover, this isn’t the first time PEPE has made such huge gains, as the meme coin behaved the same at the start of the year, making it a perfect choice for investment in May.


XRP is among the most popular cryptocurrencies, trading at $0.5064. It has a market cap of $28,036,252,167 and a trading volume of $802,893,788. Based on its historical charts, the token can surge to $3.84 or even higher in the upcoming days. Many analytics have predicted an XRP price rally in the next few days, pushing its value to $5. It is because the altcoin is following the same steps it did in its last bull rally in 2021.


dogwifhat is among the most popular meme coins and has been surging for months now. This Solana meme coin is currently trading at $3.07 with a market cap of $3,070,922,848. More importantly, its demand is continuously growing as the trading volume has spiked 122% in just one day. Based on its all-time high record of $4.85, the possibility of seeing more surge is high for May. Many analysts have talked of dogwifhat witnessing a prominent surge in May, crossing the $10 mark.


Dogecoin is the most preferred meme coin, favored by various finance and tech-related enthusiasts like Elon Musk. Despite its low value, Dogecoin has made huge gains over the years.

At the time of writing, Dogecoin price is trading at $0.1547 with a trading volume of $2,066,969,601 after a 128% surge. Moreover, analysts have predicted a possibility of witnessing a new ATH record in May, crossing the current one set at $0.7376.


CORE is among the less popular cryptocurrencies but has the great potential to surge in May. At the time of writing, CORE is trading at $1.63, but it has risen to its all-time high of $6.47, highlighting its growth potential. CORE gained a massive peak at the end of March when it rose to $3.773. A similar surge might happen in May once the market starts to recover.

Final Thought

There are many more options in cryptocurrencies under $5, which can be easily explored on crypto exchanges and platforms. Investing in these low-valued cryptocurrencies is a correct approach to handling the market volatility and building skills in investing. The investor should ensure to run a proper technical analysis before investing in any cryptocurrency because the correct time, crypto, and many other factors are necessary to make returns.

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