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27 September 2023
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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Moving Ahead with their Coinbase Rule and the Experiments are Never Ending

Recently, James Cramer and JT Freeman have expanded #BCHD’s already impressive capabilities by adding support for the indexing of the data necessary for businesses to easily and reliably support SLP tokens.  Bitcoin ABC expressed that they celebrate their efforts

They have expressed that the biannual upgrade for Bitcoin Cash Network is set to happen on November 15, 2020.  Further, a percentage of each new block reward is to be placed in the fund per the new Coinbase rule.  The purpose for this allocation is to provide for infrastructure development and maintenance, which is important to fulfill the roadmap of Bitcoin Cash to establish as a peer-to-peer electronic cash at a global level.

The BCH network has diverse sets of stake holders.  These stakeholders will be playing an important part in the design and usage of the fund that is this created. Bitcoin ABC in the process is committed to ensuring that the funds are managed with the maximum level in transparency and accountability.

Miners are the backbone of the BCH network.  And therefore Bitcoin ABC have been providing a reliable foundation for the miners.  Advanced node development teams have introduced projects which are complementary to ABC’s offering. Thus, contributing to increase in the value of the network as a whole. Thus, independent market actors will be able to enjoy their freedom to innovate providing for unique products and services.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Bitcoin Cash (BCH) backed by Bitcoin ABC have been working together making it possible for the overall network to move forward in fulfilling the Bitcoin Cash roadmap.”

Meanwhile, Bitstamp tweeted:  SCHEDULED: We will be performing an infrastructure upgrade on 26 August 2020, starting at 10 AM UTC. Expect limited availability of all Bitstamp services for up to a few hours.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Chosen by Merchants

Melis@ Melis Wallet expressed on how user experience is a powerful incentive to focus people attention over a certain technology. Further stated, this why Melis has support for BitcoinCash. It is Bitcoin with also the best user experience in the crypto world. And that no wonder that users and merchants are choosing it to make business.

In response to the New Bitcoin Cash Coinbase Rule vinarmani stated, “The flaws are what make the hero. I want to see what ABC unchained looks like and I also want to see the opposing fork have their shot.”

With the November 15, 2020 upgrade and the new Coinbase rule about 8% of the mined BCH is to be used for protocol development; therefore, putting an end to all the major debates and objections.

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