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6 June 2023
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Bitcoin SV founder refutes Mt Gox hacking allegations as BSV/USD trends in a downward channel formation.

  • Craig Wright, the controversial Satoshi Nakamoto candidate, addressed the allegations about him hacking the Mt. Gox exchange.
  • He said that he didn’t hack the exchange and that he owns the 80 BTC on the “1Feex” address associated with the hack. 
  • BSV/USD bears remain in control for the second straight day.

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, recently addressed the long-standing allegations about him hacking the Mt. Gox exchange. A few days back, Ricardo Spagni, lead maintainer of Monero (XMR) privacy coin, publicly released court documents suggesting Wright’s affiliation with an Mt. Gox-related Bitcoin wallet known as “1Feex.”

An excerpt from one of the document reads:

Just so we’re clear, Craig Wright has just openly admitted (via his lawyers) to be the guy that stole 80k BTC from Mtgox.

Following this, Wright’s lawyers clarified that Wright owns the 80 BTC on the “1Feex” address, which has been linked to the Mt. Gox hack. According to a recent Cointelegraph report, Wright noted that he bought the Bitcoin stored in the 1Feex wallet back in February 2011 and it was later transferred into the mentioned address in March. 

Wright said that the only evidence presented as part of the allegations is “a purported Skype chat between Mark Karpeles and Jed McCaleb, but that document is only a text file rather than a validated Skype log.” According to him, no other credible evidence from Mt. Gox has been presented. He further emphasized that Mark Karpeles has been convicted of manipulating company records before.

As per the new statement, the 1Feex BTC transaction was not reported to the police between March 2011 and Mt. Gox’s breakdown in 2014, “nor did Mt. Gox make any attempt to recover that bitcoin.” Wright finds this suspicious as the alleged Skype document suggests that Karpeles would have known that the missing crypto was stored in the 1Feex address.

Wright closed his statement by offering anyone “including the liquidators of Mt. Gox,” to contact his lawyers if they want to claim ownership of the said Bitcoin.

BSV/USD daily price chart

BSV/USD daily chart

BSV/USD keeps trending in a downward channel formation. The price has dropped from $175.58 to $174.65 in the early hours of Thursday. The bulls will want to take over the $177.75 resistance level to restart upward momentum.

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