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20 May 2024
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Bitcoin(BTC) Price is Officially Out of Post-halving “Danger Zone”

Bitcoin (BTC) price movement has been a roller coaster with frequent fluctuations. The recent crypto market crash, has had investors monitoring BTC’s trajectory, specifically after the Bitcoin Halving event that took place last month, on April 20, 2024. Nonetheless, recent advancements indicate that Bitcoin has not just survived the challenging period but is also indicating a hopeful rise, indicating its departure from the post-halving “danger zone.”

Merely a month prior, on April 12, 2024, Bitcoin was seen trading at $70,000, but quickly dropped below the $60,000 level. This decline raised worries for investors, bringing to mind past market cycles. Nevertheless, in the midst of uncertainty, a glimmer of hope appeared – the idea of the post-halving re-accumulation range.

Navigating the Post-Halving Volatility

Historically, the post-halving period is recognized for increased volatility, marked by downward price trends. This occurrence, commonly known as the “danger zone,” usually extends over a couple of weeks after the halving event. Analysts closely watched Bitcoin’s actions in this timeframe, comparing them to past halving cycles to predict possible results.

Rekt Capital recently analyzed Bitcoin’s movements in the post-halving re-accumulation range, offering important insights into its price trends. Analyzing historical data from the previous halving cycle in 2016 revealed comparable patterns seen in the current cycle. Even with a -6.5% dip below the re-accumulation range low, Bitcoin showed resilience and began a consistent recovery.

Bitcoin Post-halving Danger Zone chart
Bitcoin post-halving ‘Danger Zone’ chart (Source: RektCapital)

Arthur Hayes and Experts on Price Trends and Market Sentiment

Arthur Hayes, former BitMEX CEO, predicts Bitcoin has hit a local bottom and will slowly recover in the next few months. Bitcoin will rally above $60,000 then trade between $60,000 and $70,000 until August. The recent drop was attributed to various factors including tax season in the U.S. and Bitcoin halving “sell the news event.”

Hayes anticipates that crypto markets will rise due to increased dollar liquidity from the Federal Reserve’s quantitative tightening taper. He sees this as positive for high-risk assets and believes that prices will gradually increase.

Other experts like Jeff Ross also anticipate a sideways market before a potential accumulation opportunity.

Bitcoin’s Resilience: Moving Beyond Price Swings

Bitcoin’s recent bounce-back holds greater importance than just price changes; it marks a crucial point in its post-halving path. The market’s confidence is strengthened by the completion of the post-halving “danger zone,” shown by the downside volatility satisfying below the re-accumulation range low. Investors feel relieved as Bitcoin moves towards stability and potential growth.

Although technical analysis offers important insights into Bitcoin’s price movements, it’s crucial to also take into account the wider cryptocurrency environment. Bitcoin price movement is significantly influenced by macroeconomic factors, regulatory developments and market sentiments. In the changing cryptocurrency landscape, investors must still rely on adaptability and foresight to succeed.

Current Bitcoin(BTC) Price Action

Current Bitcoin Price Action

Over the past 24 hours, BTC price has been trading between a low $60,799.61 and a high of $63,422.66, currently settling at $61,911.31. The coin saw a slight growth of 1.01% in its value over the past day, but recorded losses of 2.59% and 4.30% in the past week and month respectively.

With the recovery of the crypto market, Bitcoin dominates 53.84% of the market, an increase of 0.05% over the past day.


As we say goodbye to the post-halving “danger zone,” both Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors can move forward with optimism. Despite potential obstacles in the future, Bitcoin’s resilience in the face of adversity continues to solidify its role as a durable digital asset that could transform the financial industry. As the adventure goes on, it is clear that the Bitcoin story is not finished, and there may still be exciting developments ahead.

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