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28 May 2024
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Bitfury Launches Cryptocurrency Fund In Japan Aimed At Institutional Investors

Bitfury Group, a leading European emerging technologies company, will be teaming up with Nippon Angel Investment Company (NAIC) to launch an infrastructure fund, which will reportedly be the first of its kind in Japan.

An Important Step Helping Institutional Investors Get Into Cryptocurrencies

The joint project aims to make cryptocurrency easy to access not only for retail but also for institutional investors.

As announced on the company’s twitter account today, the Digital Currency Fund is part of Bitfury’s program, which is on a mission to get institutional investors into Bitcoin. The endeavor is supposedly the first of its kind in Japan and will help investors diversify their portfolios with digital currencies.

Crypto For Institutional Investors Made Easier

As mentioned above, the program will be counting seriously on Nippon Angel Investment Company, which is a licensed fund manager in Japan. It is regulated by the Japan Financial Services Agency and “has conducted thorough due diligence into Bitfury as a reliable investment partner.”

The upcoming digital currency fund will be a wind in the sails for those, who would want to enter the field world after a tangible lack of available vehicles to do that until now.You Might Also Like:

Speaking on the matter was Valery Vavilov, CEO, and Founder of Bitfury, who said:

“We are looking forward to bringing this diverse investment route to investors in Japan. […] We believe that this investment, at a time where we are seeing unprecedented market changes and volatility, will help further adoption of digital assets by making its underlying infrastructure more secure.”

According to the head of Bitfury Japan, the funds come at the right time as some investors might be looking for exposure to different asset classes in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Importance Of Cryptocurrencies To Institutional Investors Realised?

The global financial reality is impeccably apparent these days, and there are already some serious surveys showing that institutional investors are aiming to enter the crypto world whenever they can.

A detailed study of the American multinational financial services corporation Fidelity Investments shows that a third of large institutional investors own a form of cryptocurrency. The highest interests come from Europe, followed by the US, and other regions across the world, showing that digital assets like Bitcoin will probably have a serious part in the future financial world.

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