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25 April 2024
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Buying meals with Burner Wallet was a big success at ETHDenver

During the ETHDenver event, visitors could pay for their meals using the Burner Wallet. The wallet can be used from the mobile browser, making it very user-friendly and no app needs to be installed.

ETHDenver is a so-called buidlathon, or hackathon, for Ethereum enthusiasts. During the 36-hour event, workshops and presentations will be held by blockchain influencers and Ethereum experts. At the event, food could be ordered from 11 food trucks with the Burner Wallet as a live demonstration of the wallet.

The Burner Wallet works within the mobile browser in combination with QR codes. Upon arrival at the event, visitors received a SolidCoin, a physical coin with a QR code on it, which is in principle an Ethereum private key. When visitors directed the camera of their phone to this code, they immediately got their own wallet containing a small amount of cryptocurrency as a gift.

It works the same on the food trucks side. The vendors could scan their own QR code to set up their wallet, and then receive a QR code that functioned as a public key. These QR codes could be clearly found at every food truck.

When a visitor wanted to order food, they only had to scan the QR code at the food truck, after which the payment was processed within five seconds.

The Burner Wallet works on the xDai Chain, a side chain of the Ethereum blockchain. The xDai Chain uses the xDai token, a stable combination linked to the dollar. The transactions on the xDai Chain are processed quickly and the costs are very low.

During the ETHDenver event, a total of 4405 meals were sold, which cost about $ 38,400. The total costs of all transactions together were only $ 0.20, which is $ 0.000046 per transaction.

In addition to the fact that the transaction costs are extremely low, and the transaction processing proceeds quickly, the user-friendliness of the Burner Wallet is a big advantage compared to other wallets. The fact that the wallet works on a telephone within the browser and can be set up in a few actions makes the use of crypto a lot easier. The Burner Wallet is therefore ideal for pop-up events such as we saw on ETHDenver.

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