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10 December 2022
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Cardano (ADA) Introduces Beefchain Track and Trace Solution for the Beef Market- Certainly, The Steaks are High

Talk about the essence of a technology that can take records chronologically and store them such that they remain permanent- blockchain remains one of the greatest. Aside from being used as a media for remittance, blockchain has found application in other industries. Researchers continue to daily discover the need for a decentralized ledger and what it can achieve in contemporary times.

Recently there has been a rise in the use of blockchain technology in agriculture. The track and trace functionality built on the blockchain has been a great aid especially when the world is growing into a place where the risk of food poisoning is on the rise. Mixed multitudes of farmers want to get rich quickly so they want to change records, label low-quality foods as high quality, and because there no effective measures, they get away with it. In an actual sense, they are damaging the community they serve instead of helping them- what do they care (only to get rich).

According to Elliot Hill of Cardano Foundation:

“Recently concluded research 1 of the U.S. beef supply chain concluded over a 20-year period found that there were over 400 cases of beef fraud, of which 42.9% was counterfeiting—passing off lower-grade meat as high-value breeds or forging farm-level credentials such as organic or grass-fed.”

The developers at Cardano are joining the party against food counterfeiting by developing a track and trace for beef via Atala built on Cardano blockchain. Being a blockchain that can scale to serve millions of customers, it remains a great option for such an application. Cardano Foundation introduces Beefchain, a blockchain solution that combines the internet of things (IoT) with track and trace functionality built on the blockchain. The project helps with the identification and can help to trace the origin of each beef sold in the market.

“BeefChain uses RFID chips and internet of things (IoT) devices to track and upload unique information about individual cattle to the blockchain, providing verifiable credentials for the origin of beef products via blockchain technology”

Beef consumers can make decisions on what they wish to buy and check the origins to confirm if what they are buying tallies with what they expect. Having the records on the blockchain makes it very easy to verify the information and be sure it is unaltered. Blockchain is immutable. Beefchain is different from and better than other centralized track and trace solutions:

“Compared to other traceability solutions, such as using QR-codes or RFID chips on their own, connecting to a blockchain solution stores the underlying supply chain information in an immutable and secure manner, making it incredibly difficult for bad actors to forge the credentials of a product.”

Cardano developers continue to give attention to details in their research and present strategic solutions poised at taking over the world for good. Goguen is coming very soon, not just it, other

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