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27 November 2021
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Cardano (ADA) on Enterprise Outreach Education Research and Brand Refresh

The Cardano Community have been discussing and surveying on a lot of stuff ranging from Shelley moving Cardano from Federated Block Production to Distributed Block Production and on how long it will take for Cardano to be fully decentralized.

Yet another discussion is about how once ADA staking is live about the percentage of ADA one will delegate to stake pools.  Discussions about the important technical skill for running a Cardano Node.

The Cardano Foundation are keeping busy with a lot of things like new hires, product launch and a lot of other stuff.  While we have already crossed half the year, they have published their reflections on their achievements and progress so far.

A mention was made as to how the world has changed in an unprecedented way, eventually highlighting the need for decentralization of the financial infrastructure by making use of the potential of blockchain technology. 

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Cardano (ADA) did not stop anything about their mission during the pandemic.  The Cardano Virtual Summit 2020 is enough proof.  They continue to lead.”

Cardano has been refusing certain news outlets falsely stating that Cardano has been providing credit cards, this is absolutely false as clarified in the Cardano forum.

Cardano (ADA) Enterprise Outreach

Cardano have published about their enterprise outreach.  They recollected on how they were a part of the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2020 in Davos, Switzerland for the second year, and on how their representatives took part in discussions with regulators and leaders from across the world.

The Cardano Enterprise Adoption Mission found key developments since the Davos event.  They have explored possible collaborations with DUST Identity, who are smart contract era launch partners.  This is considered to be a blockchain-based solution which is used to link physical items with digital records.  Further collaboration possibilities with livestock Investment Platform Finka has also been recorded.

Better Organized Trading Facilities Capabilities, which are meant to deliver a new framework of products and financial services from Lykke who are set to use Cardano’s Blockchain Technology are considered.

Thought leading discussions for Social Good is what Cardano achieved with Davos.  Cardano Foundation have signed a Letter of Intent with Berkman Klein Center with the Harvard University for a blockchain research grant approval.

Meanwhile Charles Hoskinson has updated on how the team has been running the tests and getting ready. So, far everything is looking good.  The community are awaiting best results soon.

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