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Cardano (ADA) Trading on Bitfinex to Kick from August 06, 2020 Real Projects People and ROI

Cardano all set to have far reaching use cases soon.  ADA trading with (₳)—ticker symbol ‘ADA’ kicks off trading from August 06, 2020 from Bitfinex.  The initial support will be for ADA/Bitcoin (ADA/BTC). ADA/USD, and (ADA/USDT).

Cardano Foundation tweeted:  “We are pleased to announce that leading #cryptocurrency exchange @Bitfinex now offers $ADA trading pairs, to provide #crypto traders, investors, and #ada holders with another way to buy, trade, and exchange ADA.”

ADA holders will be able to deposit on Bitfinex and they will have direct access to fiat pairing in USD.  The good news is that users will be able to purchase directly from Bitfinex without purchasing other kinds of cryptocurrency assets.

Reportedly, Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation stated, “As the ADA cryptocurrency becomes increasingly integral to the Cardano blockchain through the arrival of staking and delegation, it is essential that ada holders have access to trustworthy and reliable exchanges on which to purchase tokens. It is especially useful when, like Bitfinex, these exchanges reach a global and diverse audience—inviting participants from across the world to buy and transact ada through a variety of fiat and digital asset trading pairs.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Cardano (ADA) have solutions for several problems like the Twitter scam and there are brewing thoughts of Cardano and Litecoin cross chain transactions and more.  Let us all wait the action.”

The back end time is over and it is time for real projects, real people and real returns. Let us wait to see the attractions that Cardano Network usability caters to.

Cardano (ADA) CZ Binance

Charles Hoskinson in response to the Binance team expressed that Binance have been awesome during the transition by providing them with lots of great feedback and stated how they needed QA to get this over the finish line.  He stated Binance was a great exchange to work with.

CZ Binance tweeted:“We received an official updated version of the $ADA wallet from the @Cardano team this morning, withdrawals resumed shortly after that. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Charles have also provided a reference link to small Proof of Work coins to prevent 51 percent attacks when building their hash rate.  The link was about:  “Securing Proof-of-Work Ledgers via Checkpointing.”

When mining participation is low the Proof-of-Work (PoW) paradigm is very much vulnerable.  During these times, the attacker will be able to mount double spending or censorship of transactions. Therefore, check pointing has been proposed as a mechanism to mitigate such 51% attacks.

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