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10 December 2022
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Cardano Shelley Testnet To Be Open For Business

  • Cardano’s public testnet, Shelley now open to the general public, and those interested in making in-roads in the blockchain technology environment.
  • Shelley, its latest development, allows several pool operators for mainnet release.

Cardano’s public testnet, Shelley, now open to the general public and those interested in making in-roads in the blockchain technology environment. ‘Friends and family’ was Cardano’s previous testnet launched in May but only to 50 stake pool operators.

Cardano’s Shelley, its latest development, allows several pool operators for mainnet release. The key feature being it will also enable any operator on the Shelley Incentivized Testnet (ITN) to run on this software. 

The user allowed navigating the Shelley network and test stake pool operating and delegation. A slew of operators expected to join in the coming days to the already existing number of 60 operators.

Users advised being aware of bugs and issues, as it is just a prototype of the actual mainnet. The pioneers of blockchain technology are extremely satisfied with the functioning of Shelley testnet, which also resonates through its head of delivery, Christopher Greenwood.

Cardano Shelley TestNet Upgrade

There has been an overwhelming response for all functionalities, including transaction submitting, delegating, and changing pool parameters. According to experts, minor hurdles faced in the form of ‘cosmetic’ bugs but did not hamper their spirit. Users can spread this vulnerability through word-of-mouth and increase its usage.

The official testnet website offers all the requisite documentation for interested stake pool owners. IOHK aims to enhance the user experience by taking feedback and implementing it in the mainnet. 

On the contrary, one needs to have a stake pool registration certificate before you can assist in stake delegation. The certificate is your identity, which includes VRF key, pledge details, pool operator’s verification key, and the hash of pool metadata. So, a unique CLI used to delegate your stake to one or more pools. Cardano is a smart contract platform that allows you to exchange crypto assets, which may increase or decrease in value.

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