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14 August 2022
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Cardano to Leave The Shelley Incentivized Testnet Live Even After the Mainnet Launch

  • Cardano Launched the Incentivized Shelley Testnet Ahead of the Cardano Shelley Mainnet
  • Cardano Community May Decide to Leave the Testnet Live Even After the Shelley Mainnet Launch

Cardano News Today – Today, the distribution of the rewards on the Cardano Incentivized network is going to end. Thanks to the successful launch of the public Haskell Shelley testnet, the Shelley Incentivized Testnet is no longer useful. Participants no longer need to receive rewards for using the ITN but this doesn’t mean it has to go offline. The IOHK Cardano community is going to vote to decide if the ITN should remain live as a stand-alone token.

Cardano News Today – Shelley Incentivized Testnet Might Remain Live After the Mainnet Launch

If the IOHK Cardano community votes to leave the ITN live, the development team might use the ITN for the Scorex project. The codebase will come in handy for the project which is focused on the development of blockchain solutions. Another plan for the testnet according to Charles Hoskinson is to let the phase pass naturally. Some members of the community are even voting for the testnet to be destroyed outrightly after the mainnet launch. For a decision to hold, at least two-thirds of the voters must vote for the decision.

If two-thirds of the staking pool operators vote for people to keep receiving rewards until the 30th of July, the reward system will be reactivated within the next three days. ITN will serve well as an experimental platform for examining new concepts or rekindling old ones. In Hoskinson’s words:

“That we can use as an experimental platform, that we can use to explore a lot of concepts, like potentially reintroduce yella into the roadmap or maybe drew up a new version of Polar Cast or do something cool with oracles or perhaps use it as a governance-as-a-service platform to provide governance for wrapped assets that enter into the ecosystem. Now, when it quietly becomes adopted and used, then we can go for a Bitcoin / Litecoin strategy, where Litecoin tends to be the testnet for Bitcoin and it has its economic value.”

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