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2 March 2024
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Cardano Warning: How To Stay Safe And Beware Of Scams In The Crypto Space

This is not the first time when Cardano addresses scams that are floating online.

The team behind the project made sure to highlight the dangers that are lurking and offers the community a few tips on how to remain safe.

Here’s the recent tweet that they dropped:

The feedback that the team receives was really positive, with people appreciating their efforts. People also threw backlash at YouTube.

Someone said: “Yes please. Let’s all sue  @YouTube for allowing & promoting the Crypto scams, and giving strikes and taking down the legit channels. They leave the scammers accounts open & active, and try to hush the legit info channels.”

One other follower said: “Maybe also sue YouTube for supporting and spreading SCAM advertisement on their site!”

Someone else posted this: “I will like to stake my ada, can you people please make an android Daedelus app just like the Yoroi wallet. Thanks.”

How to remain  safe

In a post on the Cardano forum, the team addresses more issues on how to remain safe.

They also address some potential scam scenarios and we truly recommend that you check out the original post for yourselves.

EMURGO seals an important deal

In other news, it’s been revealed that EMURGO managed to seal a new important deal. Here’s the tweet that the team shared on social media:

The team continued and noted “The joint venture – called Brandmark – will usher in a new stage of growth for EMURGO Traceability Solution. Trophy.”

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