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7 December 2023
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Chainlink (LINK) Integrations in 2021 to Continue Eagle Eyed With A Never Say No Attitude

Sergey Nazarov, pointed to how the DeFi is just getting started, with only ~2.4% (16Bn) of crypto assets ($660Bn) secured by DeFi Protocols. Providing assets from industries like insurance ($6.3Tn) and trade invoices ($19.5Tn) as collateral for DeFi, is also a very large opportunity.

Recently Sergey expressed how composability of smart contracts and oracles into various DeFi protocols, that then go on to rely on each other as on-chain services enables developers to rapidly create and improve new smart contract use cases.

ChainLink are very clear about the considerations for creating a secure and reliable oracle for DeFi and various smart contract use cases like data quality, origin proofs, data validation, crypto-economic guarantees and for more advanced use cases, data privacy.

Commenting, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert opined:  “When there is an opportunity to help with integrations no matter any sector Chainlink (LINK) are there to serve.  They are very eagled eyed about opportunities and they never let it pass by.”

ChainLink are going to help the world get fairer in their details, data, and dealings via smart contract.  The investors in Link are already happy, they have seen the profits speak.

Chainlink have been doing a great job and they are set to continue their mission of bridging the gap between enterprise systems and blockchains.  They are working in projects which are focused on bridging the governance gap facilitating interoperability for blockchain systems.

There are satisfied users who point to how they invest in some projects for money and others for the transformative power of the technology and on how LINK satisfies both of these conditions. Every hour by every day, the Chainlink team are continuing to build the best for their great vision.

Chainlink (LINK) Volume across Exchanges

The possibilities with ChainLink are endless. They well know that trading volume can rapidly shift and that good market coverage enables a global market price that is immune to manipulation of one or even a few exchanges. DeFi’s adaptability to shifts in volume across exchanges via an accurate global price is important.

ChainLink have been doing a great job in terms of Oracles.  They are clear about that the protocols should avoid using a single exchange or even just a few exchanges as their price source, regardless of whether it’s an off-chain exchange that seems reliable and/or an on-chain DEX.

Whether for an average customer, institution, impending inflation, or monetary policy Decentralized finance they believe can be the final force.

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