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6 June 2023
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CityUpTake Sets Course for a More Inclusive Tron Ecosystem While Rewarding it Users for Sharing the Dream

The cryptocurrency industry provides a lot of opportunities for those who are seeking for it. Since the launch of Bitcoin and the gradual increase in popularity of the virtual asset market, several organizations have emerged as stalwarts of space.

One such entity has been Cityuptake, a popular platform to increase user rewards on the blockchain. In order to rope more users and create an inclusive ecosystem, the company also offers CITYUPTAKE tokens that will result in more residual rewards. Being part of the Tron Super Representative program has also been a massive boost to Cityuptake and its users.

The Cityuptake token functions as a basic utility token that opens doors to goods, services, and the content of its parent company. This token also provides access to the Cityuptake trade desk and weekly rewards program, features that are celebrated by the community. An analysis of the CityUptake SR Portfolio vote allocation was evidence that it had a healthy vote allocation from other Tron Super Representatives. These Super Representatives were mainly TronSociety, TronWallet, SesameSeed, CryptoGuyin ZA, CrtyptoChain, and Tronspark. 

It is well known that cryptocurrency regulations have been one of the major deterrents in the industry. Major institutions have frankly admitted that, because of the regulatory confusion behind the scenes, they can not jump into the crypto bandwagon.

To put these fears to rest, Cityuptake strives to ensure that the company and the token meet all forms of regulatory testing. CITYUPTAKE tokens can only be used and accessed by those customers who have completed the KYC process set by the company. Cityuptake also reserves the right to withhold assets from customers if found to be in breach of the rules proposed in the U.S. tax treaties and the Member countries.

 At the moment, the Cityuptake trade desk is worth over 13 million TRX. Apart from Justin Sun founded cryptocurrency, Cityuptake’s trade desk also deals with Bitcoin, XRP, and Cardano. 

The perks of holding CU

Traders are usually on the fence with some tokens because of a lack of value guarantee. With CU, that layer of concern has been removed. Each CU token is equivalent to 1.35 TRX where 1 TRX gets allocation to the SR portfolio. At the same time, 0.25 TRX gets allocation to the CU trade desk while 0.1 TRX is distributed as project fees. Cityuptake has made it clear that the performance of the token would always be tied with the native trade desk. This dispels any notion of fraudulent activities or scams that have been circulating in the industry as all CU is redeemable for 1 TRX at any time.

How to get started:

Just like in other processes, holders need to have completed their KYC forms before they can get involved in the CU trading ecosystem. Cityuptake makes use of an agent model across its platform, where the agents themselves have undergone all KYC checks. According to the organization’s official release:

“To purchase CU, one simply sends TRX to an automated exchange of the agent of their choice, and CITYUPTAKE tokens are returned.” 

Cityuptake caters to both US citizens as well as non-US citizens with each category having to fill out theW-9 and W-8BEN respectively. Upon the completion of the aforementioned steps, users can hold CU tokens in any Tron wallet which then leads to weekly reward drops. 

Cityuptake’s inclusivity policy:

The company has reassured users that each and every one of them will be treated equally on the blockchain reward system, regardless of when they join. This ensures that the prices of the CU remain constant at 1.35 TRX, with 0.25 always going in for trade desk fees.

Cityuptake ‘s progress in blockchain and cryptocurrency has been buoyed by the participation of its loyal customers. As time progresses, the company has promised its members that it will add additional tokens to their dashboard. This will then help other Tron based companies to grow and flourish, creating an intricate and flourish Tron network. Speaking to TWJ, a Cityuptake official stated:

“We are excited to build out our token tracking system to give our account holders the opportunity to easily see not only the rewards from holding Cityuptake but also the rewards from various SRs for whom they have voted like Tronwallet or TronSpark.”

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