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21 April 2021
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Craig Wright sues BCH and BTC Core developers

  • Craig Wright has filed a lawsuit against the developers of the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core
  • Wright is demanding access to two Bitcoin wallet addresses, among which one was associated with the MtGox hack 2014
  • The developers are accusing Craig of threatening them
  • The latest filed lawsuit is expected to be doomed to failure

Craig Wright, the person who claims him to be Satoshi Nakamoto, has recently filed a lawsuit against Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core developers. It is known that Wright demands access to two wallets associated with the hacking of the MtGox exchange. The self-proclaimed creator has filed the lawsuit in the High Court of London through the law firm Ontier LLP.

Why does Craig Wright need access to those wallets?

According to the filed documents, it is observed that Craig Wright and his Tulip Trading LTD has demanded the access of two wallets holding 31k BTC and 79,957 BTC, respectively. Among both the wallets, the larger wallet was linked to the MtGox hack in 2014.

According to Wright, in February 2020, some bad actors had stolen the private keys of both wallets. Moreover, the malicious actors had also deleted the copy of those keys from Craig’s computer. For the aforementioned reason, he cannot access both the wallets, which he used to manage on behalf of his trading firm. On the other side, as the Bitcoin Core developers control other people’s wallets, he demanded them to hand over the keys to him.

The self-proclaimed BTC creator is threatening developers

Craig Wright is trying to threaten them with litigation, bankruptcy, and life destruction, according to the accused developers. Moreover, the administrator of Bitcoin.org, alias CobraBitcoin, stated that Wright’s interference with the developers’ productive work is harming the technical progress.

Cobra with the developers is also observed urging the community. They want to unite and ensure that Craig Wright should not bully individuals contributing to Bitcoin Core development. In a recent tweet, cobra shared a screenshot in which the claim header lists Wright himself and Cory Fields, one of the leading Bitcoin developers, as the plaintiffs. After which, Wright’s Bitcoin association was also among the defendants. However, it seems like the documents can be fake or might be a judicial error following the errors.

Fulfilling Wright’s demand is technically impossible

Observing Craig Wright’s accusations against the developers, it seems like it is another attempt of Wright reminding himself of the impossibilities. The fact is clear that the developers will not provide any access key that doesn’t belong to them. After all, to gain access, he will need a 51% attack on the BTC blockchain, which will cost multi-billion dollars. However, Wright’s claims are taken as the grain of salt, which is expected to be doomed to failure.

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