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2 June 2023
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Crypto Exchange Exec Calls Bitcoin the New Game That Beats the Rigged Monopoly: Max Keiser Report

Obi Nwosu, the chief executive of the London-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinfloor, says Bitcoin offers a way out for market participants – especially those in the black community – from the rigged and racist financial system.

In the latest Keiser Report installment with Heisenberg Capital founder and host Max Keiser, Nwosu explains how Bitcoin is a currency that levels the playing field.

“So Bitcoin has a potential to provide an alternative. If you’re playing a game of Monopoly and someone’s got all of the hotels, and you start a new game, and they start with all the hotels, it’s not [a] very fun game to play. 

But we now have an opportunity to exit that game and play a new game from [the] beginning. We’ve got a new currency that has no basis in any other historical system. It’s not like any other store of value that we have available to us like real estate or stocks and shares and so on. It plays by its own rules and the master of the game is a computer program. It has no emotions but it is completely objective, impartial and fair. That’s all you can ask for.”ADVERTISEMENT

Nwosu points out that the racial divide, which has triggered worldwide Black Lives Matter protests, is deeply embedded in the current financial system. But with Bitcoin, the Coinfloor CEO says everyone has a chance to prosper.

“It’s a completely meritocratic environment and that’s a game that if you’re playing with the passion and the energy that I’m sure every person would bring into bear and definitely people from the black community can, then they would do very well over time.”

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