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11 April 2021
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Dash and Rupiah Token Collaborating on the Crypto User Cases good for Indonesian Users

Rupiah Token and DASH collaborating on the crypto use-cases is a good thing for the Indonesian users.

Dash Thailand tweeted:  “Dash Next is excited to announce our next step In Indonesia partnering with Rupiah Token. We are excited to inform that from now on, Indonesian users can easily convert their fiat Rupiah to Rupiah Token (IDRT) and then simply convert it to DASH token.”

Important to note that Rupiah Token is not a coin, thus cannot be mined. Rupiah Token can be minted and burned on other blockchain platforms.

To establish trust and for storing the Rupiah Token reserves, they have a special bank account dedicated to deposit the fiat Rupiah reserves in their local bank account in Indonesia. Also, IDRT is audited by third-party accountants monthly and also the IDRT tokens in circulation are audited. This audit report gets published on their official website. The report is about the total amount of IDRT, IDRTB, and IDRTL in circulation.

When talking about the Rupiah Token Collaboration, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Dash are regionally doing things that will make it comfortable for the people in the locality comfortable transacting in the crypto.”

In a recent Dash Talk episode Amanda B. Johnson spoke with Albert Castellana, Founder and CEO of StakeHound. Of note Staked Tokens are are enabling DeFi users to earn rewards with stakedDash. Though time stamps for questions were available, some of the users felt that a flowchart of white board could have helped.

Dash Core Group Q3 Quarterly Call

The Dash Core Group Q3 Quarterly Call is where the users get recent updates about the project progress, technology, and business development efforts, made during the last quarter.

There is an update of the work made by DCG, company achievements, and challenges they have faced during Q3.  The call in this regard is set to take place on Thursday, the 29th of October 2020 at 16:00 UTC.

Some users had questions like why doesn’t Dash Marketing start a Warchest?

Why hasn’t Dash marketing been incentivizing the testing of DashPay to get more participants and drum up excitement? Has there been any work done from DCG on a Dash Platform release / marketing plan? We always ask but never see or hear any concrete details. When will we see information?
When will DCG hire a CMO who has an extensive marketing background and someone who can represent Dash with passion and excitement to the public?

More of such questions are expected to get answered.  Those who are interested might want to participate.

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