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1 March 2024
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Democratic Nominee Joe Biden Acknowledges Bitcoin Following Large-Scale Twitter Hack

Democratic nominee Joe Biden addresses a major Twitter hack while making a fundraising plea

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has addressed the great Twitter hack, claiming that he doesn’t have Bitcoin in a recent tweet.

The former vice president also insists that he will never ask anyone to send him cryptocurrency.

“I don’t have Bitcoin, and I’ll never ask you to send me any.”   

Biden breaks his silence

On July 16, U.Today reported about a massive security breach that affected the upper crust of politics, business, and entertainment. High-profile Twitter accounts were being hijacked left and right to promote a Bitcoin scam.  

Biden appeared on the long list of victims that also includes his ex-boss Barack Obama, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.  
Apart from distancing himself from Bitcoin, Biden also made a fundraising plea in his first tweet since the damning incident.

Back in June, he raised more money than U.S. President Donald Trump, which bolstered his momentum together with surging poll numbers.

Unlikely his former Democratic opponent Andrew Yang, Biden doesn’t accept Bitcoin or other digital assets as campaign contributions.

Trump and Clinton are not keen on Bitcoin  

As reported by U.Today, Trump, whose account was resilient to the hackers, took a significantly more hostile stance towards Bitcoin in 2019 by tweeting that its value was based “on thin air.”

Former first lady Hillary Clinton, who was unexpectedly defeated by Trump, wasn’t quite Bitcoin-friendly either. Her campaign refused to touch any BTC donations in 2016.  

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