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29 May 2024
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Dogecoin Founder Unveils His Meme Quest Result From New GPT-4o

Dogecoin Co-Founder Billy Markus, known on X as Shibetoshi Nakamoto, just revealed the prompt result from OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The Dogecoin founder said he prompted the latest ChatGPT-4o “to make a meme about GME stock and it made a crayon eater.”

Dogecoin Founder Teases ChatGPT-4o’s Imperfections

With the advancement of technologies like Large Language Models (LLM), the expectation is that each new version will generate better results than the previous. The opposite is arguably the case as the Dogecoin founder was spotted with OpenAI’s most sophisticated chatbot GPT-4o.

The advanced engine was introduced earlier this week with much publicity and new advanced use cases. Until now, the alleged imperfections with the chatbot appeared downplayed. In the first prompt, Markus showed in 4 unique frames that the displayed result was far from the demand.

The choice of GameStop was well considered, seeing the hype surrounding the memecoin got re-ignited earlier this week. The stock of the gaming retailer soared by more than 80% since the close of trading on Friday. As an updated LLM engine, this advances in the stock market was expected to come naturally to ChatGPT-4o.

However, its inability to match the exact real world trend with the prompt speaks volume.

In defense of ChatGPT, OpenAI did not originally design the application as its image generator. Hence, it might have defaulted in this regard. OpenAI specifically designed Dall.E as its image generator. The firm has also launched Sora, its video-generating application.

The launch of Sora shocked the tech world at the time of its release earlier this year. Infact, Sora’s sophistication forced legendary Hollywood producer Tyler Perry to change his mind on his planned $800 million movie studio.

OpenAI Rival Has Solution In the Works

The observed lapses in the prompt and feedback by ChatGPT-4o is not unusual. Infact, it is customary for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications to return false results based on their Model imperfections.

OpenAI foresaw this challenge and has unveiled a proactive way to continue training its ChatGPT models. It named this solution the Model Spec initiative as it hopes to gather its users’ input to enhance the functionality of its algorithm.

Notably, this lapses may also serve as a major reboot for ChatGPT’s rivals to vie for more market share. These rivals includes Google Gemini and Elon Musk’s Grok.

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