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Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin slaughtered Samson Mow with Kindness and Professionalism

On Thursday August 13, 2020, The Chief Strategy Officer from Blockstream and the Founder of Ethereum were at Squadcast in a debate discussing the philosophical differences between the Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The show description stated that the Bitcoin community can be a very hostile place due to the fair share of scams and questionable projects.  Further stated that in many ways, Ethereum as being the antithesis of Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin being slow and conservative in the goals and development, Ethereum ethos is to ‘move fast and break things’. These philosophical differences are the reason for the lot of fiery debate between the two cryptocurrency communities. It has been seen that over the past few days, a new debate is brewing due to the seeming inability to verify the total supply of Ethereum.

Supplygate divided the two communities with several Bitcoiners believing that the ability to audit the supply is the fundamental principle of a money system. “With Bitcoin, it is the monetary policy, which gives it value over fiat, therefore having a fixed supply and the ability for anyone to run a node and audit the supply is critical.”

However, Ethereum believers who are arguing the value proposition of Ethereum have to state that the difficulty of getting consensus regarding the total supply is not a significant issue.

This took off as a debate and the Chief Strategy Officer at Blockstream, Samson Mow, and Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin seemed to have traded blows on Twitter. Eventually, they were asked by Squadcast to come on to the show to discuss the philosophical differences between Ethereum vs Bitcoin.

In the Youtube Channel, Peter McCormack has published this as a bonus episode.  The Show is available in iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, SoundCloud, YouTube, and TuneIn.

Ethereum (ETH) Vitalik is Smarter

Recently Vitalik tweeted:  “I would actually love to have a more technical discussion with bitcoin people around things like parallelizability, execution vs dependency checking, fast syncing, MEV, gas schedules, stateless clients/utreexo etc at some point. Soooo much there to discuss.”

Overall, those who looked in to the debate opined that Vitalik is smarter than Peter and Samson. Some of them opined that crypto investors simply do not research in to other projects and tend to be mostly uninformed about what is happening in the other network.

Some onlookers opined Vitalik slaughtered Samson with kindness and professionalism. Yet others stated, Sam is afraid of Ethereum.  One of them also stated that every time they listen to Samson that they want to sell BTC. Vitalik did a great job in the show. 

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