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26 February 2024
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European National Accused of Stealing $3 Mln Worth of Crypto Arrested in Paris

Cryptocurrency thief Vukasin Popovic gets caught in France after cutting off his ankle bracelet

Vukasin Popovic, a 33-year old cryptocurrency thief, has been arrested in Paris, the Montreal Gazette reports. 

The European national will now have to face extra charges for failing to comply with his bail conditions by cutting off his ankle monitor and fleeing to France. 

A $3 mln crypto theft  

According to the announcement made by the Montreal police on Monday, the arrest of the fugitive took place on June 23.

Popovic was accused of stealing around $3 mln worth of cryptocurrency together with his two accomplices. 

They arranged a meeting for two U.S. citizens in a Montreal hotel to transact crypto with an intent to rob them. 

After the victims realized that their money had been stolen, they reported Popovic and his partners to local authorities. 

They ended up being taken into custody by the Canadian police on Feb. 12 before returning home. Popovic was released on bail with the tracking device.  

On the run 

Back in March, Popovic ended up cutting off his ankle bracelet and fled the country, according to multiple reports by local media

He first made it to the U.S. before planning to settle in Romania, but the fugitive was intercepted in France. 

Following the failed attempt to escape justice, the suspect will be transferred to Italy — where he will face charges — as part of his extradition to Canada.

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