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7 December 2023
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Crypto app Voyager goes live

The cryptocurrency broker application Voyager has been accessible to residents of Canada and nine US states. The application is according to some the broker solution that the crypto industry deserves.

If you want to buy a cryptocurrency, you can enter a desired price in Voyager. Voyager will then search for the completed desired price by searching the current prices on a large number of crypto exchanges.

The new way of brokerage for the crypto-market, in combination with the fast KYC (Know Your Customer) process, makes it very easy for investors to invest in crypto. After signing up you only have to fill in a number of digital forms and within a few minutes you can already buy crypto.

The CEO of Voyager, Steve Ehrlich, explains:

We believe that the crypto market deserves a real broker solution. Our app release this week shows our view on how trading should be in crypto, while we have even more in store.

In addition to the well-known cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH), smaller cryptos such as VeChain will also be available. Some of these smaller altcoins could previously only be bought with other cryptos, but with Voyager they can now be bought directly with a credit card.

New customers receive a nice welcome bonus of $ 25 in bitcoin after registration. By offering the bonus Voyager ensures that it can grow quickly, according to the team behind the app.

When asked about how Voyager can earn this, one of the team members explains that it is quite simple. “When Voyager finds a better price than expected, Voyager takes the difference between the desired price and the price found as profit.”

Voyager is initially only available for iOS in Canada and nine US states. Android users have to wait until Q3 2019. The company has finally indicated that it wants to expand to other countries in the world.

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