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6 June 2023
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Five new Ripple customers revealed, seventeen running on the Cloud

Ripple has recently revealed through its Managing Director in the South Asia and MENA region, Navin Gupta, that it had reached 350 customers using its technology. Brad Garlinghouse in a recent talk mentioned Ripple signing 28 new customers in Q1 2020 alone, with very little indication on who these new customers are.

Tapping the Power of RippleNet Cloud

In a new one-pager on Ripple’s website about RippleNet Cloud, Ripple outlined the product’s benefits:

  • It enables the ability to send and receive payments with one integration amongst all customers on RippleNet, meaning less friction and standardization for scaling purposes.
  • Easy Connection: Customers can go live on RippleNet five days faster and without the need for hardware requisition or staffing up to get started.
  • Faster Implementation and Access to New Features: Customers experience faster implementation and access to the latest features. They can also more quickly take advantage of network-wide improvements and third-party services.
  • Scalability: With one API set for all of your RippleNet connections, Cloud customers will find it’s faster and cheaper to maintain and make new connections—lowering the total cost of ownership.

Interestingly, Ripple also revealed seventeen of its customers that currently utilize RippleNet Cloud, five or which are new:

About BCRemit

BCRemit is an online money transfer service (via mobile app, web and call centre) that allows users to send money using their mobile phone, tablet or laptop/PC from the UK to the Philippines. The company also offers relevant value-added services (such as bills payment, mobile top-up, and even fast food delivery) via its BCRemit-Pay service, to help migrant workers stay connected with their loved ones back home.

BCRemit is registered and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the HMRC.

About SpotOn Money

SpotOn Money is a trading name of Monex International Limited, which is an established and respected Independent Foreign Exchange Specialist.

SpotOn Money provides worldwide money transfers and remittance services. Its transactions are carried out in association with Link FX PLC, an FCA licensed, integrated, secure and seamless, technology payments processing platform.

About Lulu International Exchange

Lulu International Exchange is a leading name in the world of non-banking finance, dealing primarily in foreign exchange and global money transfer.

Established in 2008, it has its global headquarters in Abu Dhabi and operates across several GCC countries such as Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain as well as India, Bangladesh, Seychelles and Philippines. Starting off with their first branch in UAE in September 2009, the company today operates out of ten countries with more than 180 branches worldwide. The parent LuLu Financial Group comprises of group of companies including LuLu International Exchange L.L.C. registered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Asia Express Exchange in the Sultanate of Oman, LuLu Exchange Company in Kuwait, LuLu Exchange W.L.L. in the State of Qatar, LuLu International Exchange B.S.C (C) in the Kingdom of Bahrain, LuLu-Phils International Exchange, Inc. in the Philippines, Lulu Exchange Limited in Seychelles and LuLu Forex in India. The organization also has liaison offices in India, Bangladesh and Philippines to facilitate smooth functioning of the group’s remittance business operations and provide the best services to its customers.

Lulu International Exchange attended Swell, Ripple’s annual event, in November 2019.

About OrbitRemit

OrbitRemit is a global foreign exchange service regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom to provide Money Remittance and Payment Services under the Payment Services Directive (PSD).

OrbitRemit offers flat fee transfers to 39+ send destinations around the world. It offers fast, secure bank transfers and also has 15,000+ cash pickup destinations in The Philippines, Vietnam, and Nepal.

About Topremit

Even though we revealed that Topremit was a Ripple customer back in January, it was never officially announced by Ripple, until now.

Topremit is an Indonesian money transfer company that was founded in 2009 and received the award of the best money transfer provider in Indonesia, for 2019.

Topremit has also attended Swell in November 2019.

These five new Ripple customers have been added to our Ripple ecosystem.

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