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26 February 2024
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Guarda Wallet Launches New Version of the Mobile App

Top crypto wallet Guarda has now made available the new version of the mobile app – Guarda 2.0, bringing a slew of exciting new features to crypto users.

Guarda Wallet is a non-custodial, multi-currency wallet that ok, supports more than 45 blockchains and over 10,000 tokens based on standards, including ERC-20, ERC-721, BEP-2, TRC10, TRC20, WAVES, OMNI, and EOS. Considering its wide range of supported assets, it is the best wallet for ERC20 tokens and other coins, allowing for easy asset management from one place.

Guarda has so far developed applications for different operating systems and devices. The wallet can be accessed via a web browser, installed as a Chrome extension, used on desktop operating systems (MacOS, Windows, Linux), and and it is also compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Exchange and Fiat Gateway

The functionalities of Guarda 2.0 are not limited only to storage solutions, as it features a built-in trading option that allows users to exchange cryptos between them. They can also buy crypto directly from within their wallet by using their Mastercard or Visa bank card. Moreover, users can buy, sell, or trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others without ever leaving their wallets.

Mobile Wallet Properties
Private ZEC Transactions

Guarda’s Private Zcash Wallet mobile app for Zcash now supports the generation of private Zcash transactions. As Zcash has two types of addresses, private and public, Guarda, in collaboration with the Zcash Foundation, has created a lightweight, non-custodial Shielded Wallet specifically for ZEC to support both transparent and private addresses.

Easy Cross-Platform Synchronization

Whether you have a mobile or a desktop wallet, all versions can be synchronized between each other. This allows you to access all your funds and manage them regardless of the app or device you are using.

Ledger Compatibility

From Guarda’s interface, you can easily connect to your Ledger wallet, import your accounts, and manage the crypto funds stored in the hardware wallet. You can still get the security of an offline wallet and also have the flexibility to manage and make trades via Guarda.

Staking Functionality

Guarda 2.0 also includes staking functionality for a number of assets, including Callisto, Tezos, Komodo, Cosmos, Tron and EOS (stake CPU and NET). Not many multi-crypto wallets support staking, but Guarda makes things convenient for crypto owners, as they do not have to own multiple separate wallets to be able to stake their favorite cryptos.

Paper Wallet Import

Sometimes, a paper wallet feels like storing money under the mattress. It’s secure but can be rather inconvenient. With Guarda, users can import their paper printed keys with the online wallet and use it with ease.

The New Implementations

Guarda Wallet is launching the updated version of its iOS and Android mobile apps, adding new features that will better the process of wallet management and make things much more convenient for the user.

Here are some of the new features of the updated app:

  • Improved and clear graphics that allow users to view the cryptocurrency price and price changes
  • Efficient filtering system that enables users to hide any wallet, such as those with zero balance
  • A new sorting system for transactions, where you can filter the transaction either by its type, wallet, or currency
  • Added search function that enables users to find a transaction in the transaction history via its hash
  • Guarda has extended the list of fiat currencies with which users can buy crypto. The new added currencies are RUB Russian Ruble, AUD Australian Dollar, KRW Won, CHF Swiss Franc, CZK Czech Koruna, DKK Danish Krone, NOK Norwegian Krone, NZD New Zealand Dollar, PLN Polish Zloty, SEK Swedish Kronor, TRY Turkish Lira, ZAR South African Rand, HUF Hungarian Forint, ILS Israeli New Shekel, INR Indian Rupees, HKD Hong Kong Dollar, MYR Malaysian Ringgit, SGD Singapore Dollar, BGN Bulgarian Lev, BRL Brazilian Real, MXN Mexican Peso, AED Dirham, NGN Naira, TWD New Taiwan Dollar, MAD Moroccan Dirham, RON Romanian Leu, UAH Hryvnia.
  • There are now more fiat currencies against which users can estimate the price: USD US Dollar, EUR Euro, AED Dirham, AUD Australian Dollar, BGN Bulgarian Lev, BRL Brazilian Real, CAD Canadian Dollar, CHF Swiss Franc, CNY China Yuan, CZK Czech Koruna, DKK Danish Krone, GBP Pound Sterling, HKD Hong Kong Dollar, HKR Croatian Kuna, HUF Hungarian forint, IND Indonesian Rupiah, ILS Israeli New Shekel, INR Indian Rupees, ISK Icelandic Krona, JPY Japanese Yen, KRW South Korean won, MAD Moroccan Dirham, MXN Mexican peso, MYR Malaysian Ringgit, NOK Norwegian Krone, NGN Naira, NZD New Zealand Dollar, PHP Philippine Peso, PKR Philippine Peso, PKR Pakistan Rupee, PLN Polish Zloty, RON Romanian Leu, RUB Russian Ruble, SEK Swedish Kronor, SGD Singapore Dollar, TWD New Taiwan Dollar, THB Thai baht, TRY Turkish Lira, UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia, ZAR South African Rand.
  • 24/7 online chat support
  • The added Masked balance tool can be turned off
  • Tezos staking has also been implemented
  • Users can claim Gas tokens from the NEO network

The new Guarda 2.0 is eagerly awaiting for users to test out its new features.

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