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How do Bitcoin Casino players get away from crypto bans?

Ever since the beginning, when BTC Casino like FortuneJack and others emerged onto the scene of the global gambling industry, it was met with tons of detractors that tried to stop the progress and eliminate the new technology. The first reaction of most of the countries in the world was to block all advancements of cryptocurrencies. While in time, many have allowed the use of virtual money, some oppose the idea to this day and place all types of official bans on entities like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s in people’s psyche to oppose the unfairness and restriction, that’s why many gamblers around the world started to find ways to override the restrictions using various different technologies.  

Some countries oppose BTC Casinos

There are several countries that oppose the gambling industry all-together, due to cultural or governmental morality characteristics. These countries are unavailable for both BTC Casinos and classic gambling websites. There are some who greenlight the conventional websites and outright oppose the Bitcoin Casinos. The most interesting example is the multi-billion gambling industry – Japan. In this country, it’s illegal to operate and play on the BTC Casinos. There are yet no clear regulations when it comes to the cryptocurrencies and amazing opportunities are being squandered in countries like Japan.  

Lots of Players ignore Crypto Bans.

Although in essence, it’s illegal to play on crypto casinos in countries that don’t allow virtual currency transactions, lots of players choose to ignore those bans. Many view those bans as an infringement on privacy and personal freedom. Cryptocurrencies have amazing capabilities and those translate into BTC Casinos as well. What crypto is famous for is the ability to keep players absolutely hidden and anonymous to any unwanted attention. When playing on Bitcoin Casino, it’s impossible for any financial or governmental organization to track the players and this is often a way in which gamblers get away from crypto Bans. 

VPN and Anonymity of Cryptocurrencies 

Aside from the total anonymity that Bitcoin Casinos offer to their communities of gamblers, there are also other tools that players tend to use. These are the VPN programs that alter the IP characteristics of the computer or mobile device, providing the ability to play on favorite BTC Casinos with an extra layer of privacy. Hopefully, in the future, this won’t be needed and all the countries in the world will realize the potential that Bitcoin Casinos bring the table when it comes to the gambling industry. 

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