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28 May 2022
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Huobi Wallet adds support for more than 187 TRON dApps

Huobi Global, the company behind cryptocurrency exchange Huobi and the native wallet of that exchange, Huobi Wallet, have announced that it now supports all dApps on the TRON blockchain. As a result, users can now use more than 187 TRON dApps from the Huobi Wallet.

Huobi thereby claims to be “one of the TRON-friendliest cryptocurrency wallets”. In addition to this news, Huobi will also support TRONTrade. This is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on the TRON network. Huobi Global wrote in a tweet:

“Thank you, @TronTrade for supporting Huobi Wallet, we welcome the TronTrade DApp on board. TronTrade is the best #Tron DEX and is the only DEX app available within the Huobi Wallet ”

The founder and CEO of TRON, Justin Sun, thanked Huobi for “the support and contributions to TRON’s decentralized ecosystem.”

More than 187 dApps, 464 smart contracts and 10 decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges can be found on the TRON blockchain. Some of those dApps prove to be enormously profitable. For example, TRONbet, a type of gambling dApp, is expected to make a profit of around $ 36 million this year.

The native cryptocurrency of the TRON platform, TRX, will also remain interesting for investors in the coming years. When you have TRX in your wallet you will automatically participate in the airdrop of the BitTorrent token. These are distributed every 11th of the month, up to and including 2025, based on the number of TRX that someone has in their wallet.

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