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26 January 2022
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IOHK Confirms Successfully Applying A Change To The Cardano Protocol

IOHK has been bombing social media lately with all kinds of exciting announcements for the Cardano community.

Check out one of the most recent ones:


They continued and tweeted: “#Cardano momentum continues with this protocol update (codename: ‘Allegra’) which delivers token locking to the platform, a core building block of both #Voltaire governance and #Goguen smart contract functionality .”

The official notes from the blog post said: “Token locking will prepare Cardano for smart contracts and the creation of assets (in addition to ADA) that run on the platform. It also provides an important piece of Voltaire (governance) functionality, supporting a voting mechanism. You can read a fuller overview of token locking, what this means and why it matters.”

The same notes continued and explained that “We can now confirm the timing for this next Cardano protocol update (codename: ‘Allegra’) which delivers token locking to Cardano, a core building block of both governance and smart contract functionality. This will take place on the 16th December, at the boundary of epoch 236 @ 21:54:44 UTC #Cardano #ADA.”

Check out the complete noteshere.

Cardano Foundation releases a new video

In other recent news, the Cardano Foundation released a brand new video about Project Renovare, and you can check it out below.

Just in case you don’t know, Project Renovare is a massive refresh for the Cardano and its Foundation.


Stay tuned for more news.

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