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27 September 2023
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IOTA Delivering Intricacies of Automation Leading to Progressive Smart Cities

It is well known that IOTA’s DLT technology have provided for a feeless, decentralized, open-source data, and value exchange protocol, which provides for multitude of benefits ranging from immutable data transfer that is highly scalable with low energy requirements and optional quantum resistance with zero-fee transactions as well as control and access management rights.

In a recent Mobi Community innovation lecture series, the IOTA team provided a comprehensive introduction on the open-source protocol that they have been developing.  The protocol provides for standardized value exchange between machines.  Real-world use cases of DLTs with a focus on automotive supply chain and digital asset utilization was presented in absolute expertise.

MOBI Community Innovation lecture series powered by Jens Munch Lund-Nielsen, Head of Global Trade & Supply Chains; Dan Simerman, Blockchain Investor & Technical Product Mgr; and Mat Yarger, Head of Smart Cities & Product is good for those who are willing to learn more about the DLT Technology

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “IOTA Community have been very advanced in their projects more like sci-fi in their thinking and the good thing is they make “hi-tech fiction quality living” a real possibility by innovating technology.”

IOTA recently tweeted:  “We would like to thank everybody from the #IOTA community, the #Hornet team and our partners for an incredible week! We had a great release of #Chrysalis (IOTA 1.5) Phase 1 and now it’s time to focus our attention on Phase 2. Stay tuned for further news!”

They are now progressing towards Phase 2.  It is good to be able to follow the developments as it happens.  The Discord Identity-Discussion channel has a lot happening.

IOTA Intricacies of Automation

Getting started with blockchain on IOTA is getting comfortable with more of developers educating the rest by high-quality lecture series.

Peter Okwara, a software developer is set to deliver an introduction on Saturday August 29, 2020, on “Facebook for Developers” Developer Circle Nairobi at UoN from 5 pm through 6 pm EAT.

Passionate about blockchain, Internet of Things, Data Science, and Using Human Centered Design to solve problems, which occur all around us.  His goal is to be at the forefront of providing blockchain solutions in Africa.

IOTA has been providing for trust between individuals, organizations, and things.  They are focusing on a lot of events to forward the aspects of Identity and IOT.  Lot of zooming in is happening in this regard with experts delivering intricacies of automation and about how more of infrastructure is set to be digitized permitting real-time interactions and data sharing, leading to smart cities by coordinating details from edge technologies eventually responding to data as a whole.

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