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13 August 2022
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IOTA Foundation and IOTONE Academy launch management course

  • The IOTA Foundation and the IOTONE Academy are launching a course called “IOTA Management Course” to train developers and managers.
  • The IOTA Foundation offers a 50% discount for the course to all community members through IOTAshop.

The IOTA Foundation and the IOTONE Academy have announced a partnership to launch a training course. The “IOTA Managers’ Course” is aimed at training managers or developers who want to gain in-depth knowledge about IOTA as a means to transform the business world and decentralized economy by understanding the layers of trust of the Distributed Ledger technology.


Details and benefits of the IOTA Foundation course

During the course, participants can become expert developers with IOTA or qualified IOTA managers. In addition, participants will have access to libraries and programming resources that will enable them to gain an understanding of the business values and benefits of IOTA. Participants will also learn how to use IOTA tools to create and access data flows and build business models based on them.

In addition to information about the IOTA Foundation plans and strategies and the latest IOTA use cases, participants will have easy access to the course. Through an app they will be able to receive notifications, study material, exams and quizzes. A chat will also make it possible to share everything with teachers and friends.

The course program has been approved by the IOTA Foundation and all content is up to date. As a bonus, participants can contact the course instructors directly for 6 weeks to clarify doubts and ask questions. The course will include strategies for participants to test their skills with modern learning techniques. Additionally, they will be able to create new links with other members of the IOTA community, exchange experiences and receive feedback, according to the official website:

All courses come with practical experience and a hands-on approach that integrates many use cases.

Currently, the course is available in German, but on July 15th it will be available in English and on August 15th in Spanish. The course is 6 weeks long, but participants will be free to work at their own pace and can start once they have paid. The course has a price range from 599 Euros to 1499 Euros, depending on the program chosen. There is a 50% discount for active community members that can be accessed through the IOTAshop.

Training as the basis for adaptation

As reported by CNF, the IOTA Foundation is one of the institutions dedicated to train and enable education programs for developers and people interested in blockchain technology. The Ethereum Foundation and the Tezos Foundation have also launched similar initiatives. Both foundations seem to be focused on spreading and expanding existing learning tools, introducing new ones, and providing free training for everyone, everywhere in the world.

The Cardano Foundation has also made an effort since 2018, with its Ambassador Program, to educate and promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Cardano Ambassadors are active members of a community that is spread across more than 50 countries, with different backgrounds and careers.

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