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25 April 2024
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John McAfee Announces GHOST-Based Encrypted Chat App With Telegram Integration

Well-known cryptocurrency proponent John McAfee recently announced an upcoming encrypted chat application dubbed TeleGHOST. Based on the GHOST blockchain, it will allow full integration with the widely-utilized encrypted messaging app – Telegram.

McAfee Announces TeleGHOST Chat App

The former antivirus software tycoon posted on Twitter the details regarding the new encrypted chat app that will employ GHOST blockchain called TeleGHOST. It will be a “decentralized private network that can communicate anonymously,” which will be utilized “for so much more than just sending numeric values back and forth.”

The announcement reads that TeleGHOST will not urge users to migrate from one chat app to another while losing all of their history in the process. McAfee’s upcoming app will “have full integration with Telegram network as a hybrid solution.”

Hence, users will be able to login with their existing credentials and access the same contacts, groups, and settings. The blockchain network GHOST will provide additional functionality on top of Telegram that will allow users several options. Those include accessing private chats, sending and receiving the GHOST token, initiating private groups, and more features to be announced soon.

TeleGHOST will be available for Android, iOS, PC, macOS, and Linux. While the team behind it hasn’t specified the precise launch date, the statement promises that TeleGHOST is a “high priority item on our roadmap.”You Might Also Like:

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GHOST To Enhance Smartphone Anonymity

McAfee initially announced the new privacy coin GHOST back in April, as CryptoPotato reported. Although allegations occurred immediately that he and his team have plagiarized the whitepaper from another similar project, GHOST continues with its developments.

The team recently published a new whitepaper, and the website informs that the mainnet is coming on June 22nd.

Additionally, McAfee indicated that another privacy feature will arrive, which will assist in turning regular smartphones into “untrackable” devices that keep the users anonymous. Called the GHOST cell phone data service, it’s already in beta and is scheduled to launch in September 2020.

“Our service allows you to connect, fade away, and disappear anywhere in the world. Our data plan will offer multiple layers of protection and sophisticated app support to thwart any attempt to trace the user or where they are connecting from. Nothing else like it exists in the world.” – reads the website.

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