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24 September 2022
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LinkedIn Cryptocurrency Fraudsters Mimic TRON’s Justin Sun and Ledger CEO

Pre-recorded Justin Sun video used by LinkedIn Cryptocurrency Fraudsters

Fraudsters have always devised new tactics, such as pre-filmed videos of famous figures in the industry, to defraud people of their hard-earned crypto. LinkedIn cryptocurrency fraudsters have come up with a strategy to manipulate pre-recorded videos to impersonate prominent people even in live video calls.

The LinkedIn cryptocurrency fraudsters are imitating the founder of Tron, Justin Sun, to defraud unsuspecting victims of their crypto. The defrauders target digital currency schemes under the disguise of collaborating with Tron. The scammers then go on to invite their targets to a Skype live video call with ‘TRON CEO Justin Sun.’

Pre-recorded Justin Sun video used by LinkedIn Cryptocurrency Fraudsters

Moreover, the tricksters use the pre-recorded video to pause the video once the victims start talking and playing when they’re done, using their voice in the call. In addition, the scammers have a fake Justin Sun passport, which they use as proof of identity when carrying out their evil schemes.

Among the targets of the LinkedIn cryptocurrency fraudsters is Kyle Pierce, the co-founder, and lead-creator of blockchain-based uPlexa startup. Kyle Pierce published a Medium post explaining that he was approached on LinkedIn by an individual claiming he works for a firm by the name Ledger Capital.

The fraudster requested his email address claiming that Ledger Capital is working out a secret project with Tron, and they would like him to be part of the project. He noticed something was off but decided to play along. After a long time of rescheduling, the two finally agreed on a date for a live video call.

The Skype live video call

During the call, Pierce noticed that there was something wrong with the video. He noticed that the video was a pre-recording, with a background voice on top of it. Pierce claimed that the person talking in the background would even continue to speak after Justin Sun’s pre-recording had stopped talking.

Although the goal of the fraudsters is still unknown, it’s crystal clear that they are willing to go to large extents to achieve them; and defraud any off guard victim.

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