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Litecoin News Today – Grayscale Invites Investors to get Familiar With its Building Blocks LTC/USD Series – July 4th, 2020

  • Grayscale invites investors to understand its Building Blocks LTC/USD series
  • The offering will help investors better understand Litecoin and crypto
  • A code was written to support mining extension blocks on Litecoin

Litecoin news today – Litecoin seems to be in the news for the right reasons this time around. An entity has introduced a model that will allow investors to understand the merits and disadvantages of Litecoin and digital assets. The new offering covers a broad range of areas to the benefit of investors. Grayscale announced via a tweet. They typed on their Twitter handle:

Litecoin (LTC) Price Today – LTC / USD

Name Price
litecoinLitecoin $41.48

“Are you familiar with LTC? Why not get to know our Building Blocks series LTC/USD. It is aimed at helping investors of different levels understand, compare, and contrast digital currencies better according to their relative merits and downsides.”

The latest Grayscale introduction reportedly covers a broad range of details. The details range from defining Litecoin’s characteristics to differentiating the digital asset from Bitcoin. It also explains the potential pros of Litecoin and why it is a good alternative to Bitcoin.

Litecoin News Today – Dissidents Spoke Against Grayscale’s Tweet

The summary concludes that Litecoin was originally introduced to function as a solution to Bitcoin’s scalability problems. It was meant to facilitate faster remittances and lower fees. It also talked about how upgrades to Litecoin’s network like the SegWit (Segregated Witness) and the Lightning Network resulted in faster remittances in Litecoin. The introduction also talked about how the Litecoin Foundation is targeting the commercial payment market. The network is looking to onboard merchants and making them accept Litecoin for their payments. Responding to the introduction, one commentator said Grayscale should understand that there are no merits of a BTC clone.

Crypto expert, Sydney Ifergan, tweeted:

“Litecoin calls themselves an asset that’s complementary to Bitcoin. But they are not Bitcoin. It is ok if they claim a unique position for themselves as a special brand in the payment network based on their merits.”

Litecoin News Today – Latest Update on Litecoin’s MW Implementation

In a bid to offer further clarity regarding Litecoin’s Mimble Wimble upgrade and implementation, the Litecoin Foundation expressed that its mempool logic appears to be more complex than they hand anticipated. Further, the foundation talked about how they plan to revisit this area once the MW testnet launches. Apart from the mempool changes on the MW implementation, a code was reportedly written to offer support for the mining of extension blocks. This includes a few edge cases and requires a lot of testing. All in all, the Litecoin foundation concluded that everything is still on schedule for a mid-September testnet for the MW update. At press time the price of Litecoin was changing hands at $41.28 with a total market cap of $2,681,187,270.

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