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24 September 2022
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Miny.cc, BTC cloud mining platform provides users with a secure cryptocurrency storage infrastructure

A cryptocurrency wallet platform based in Hong Kong has introduced a raft of solutions to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The said solutions include among other things, a comprehensive way of mining Bitcoin profitably complete with safe storage infrastructure.

Miny.cc is a novel Bitcoin cloud mining platform that also provides its users with a secure cryptocurrency storage infrastructure. Its value proposition almost is in line with what the cryptocurrency space has witnessed before. However, the said principle includes several add-ons that users should find useful.

Miny.cc offers a cloud mining platform where anyone can access mining rewards. Besides, it comes with a secure wallet where users can save their coin riches and the MINY which offers further investment and earning avenues as you shall soon see.

The Miny.cc Proposition

When Bitcoin first debuted in 2009, mining was easy. Only a few entities mined crypto. Besides, the mathematical questions that computers had to solve to verify new blocks into the blockchain were not as complicated as they now are. As such, mining did not require machines elaborate capabilities as is the situation now.

Over time, with the growing popularity of Bitcoin, a large volume of the 21 million coins meant to go in circulation have already been mined. With each block that is mined successfully, the mining process gets ever more cumbersome. Meaning, the mathematical problems computers have to solve in the network get more complicated and require powerful machines with equally elaborate computational capability.

The said machines are costly; meaning, thousands of people that would prefer to earn an income through mining activities are locked out. Miny.cc is aware of this challenge and has come up with a cloud mining solution. This solution allows everyone who is interested in mining to participate regardless of the amount of capital such people have.

MINY Cloud Mining Pools

Miny employs the power of joined mining pools to boost the computational power of the machines they have. Besides, the set up mines different cryptocurrencies depending on which of the coin in the menu is profitable to mine at any one particular time. Miny.cc’s equitable wealth distribution protocol rewards joined pool subscribers depending on the amount of stake each user holds.

MINY Artificial Intelligence

Miny.cc comes with a promise of profitability for its platform’s users. For this reason, it employs AI to heighten the profitability of its mining operation. The core development team at Miny.cc comprises of an IT team that has developed an AI algorithm. The platform uses this algorithm to analyze current market situations to make accurate predictions for the trade of futures. Miny.cc insists that its operations are not only about the rewards; rather, the efficiency of the entire mining process.

The Tripartite Miny.cc Solutions

The Miny.cc platform seeks to offer cryptocurrency an elaborate set of solutions that work more like a one-stop-shop. The platform offers opportunities to mine Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. And, it has a native token used to acquire platform services. Besides, it is designed such that a portion is burned every time a transaction is completed. This nature reduces the coins available in circulation over time thus increasing the value of the token.

The platform rounds these provisions with an affiliate program that offers another revenue stream. According to the whitepaper, here is a look at the benefit and various modes of earning on the Miny.cc platform.

The Miny Wallet

In the cryptocurrency space, storing the stash of coins safely is every crypto enthusiast’s key concern. The Miny wallet is built to allow users to safely receive, store, and send Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and MINY tokens.

Miny.cc Joined Mining Pools

Joining the platform’s mining pool is made deliberately easy. All a user need to do is create an account and fund it with BTC, LTC, or ETH. Once a user funds the account, he or she is eligible for daily rewards. The portion doled out to a user depends on the amount that the said user holds as balance in the mining pool. Overall, Miny.cc promises up to 19% of a user’s balance paid out monthly.

Affiliate Program

The Miny.cc platform asks all users that have enjoyed the platform and its provisions, and are confident in its business idea to share the same with prospects in their networks. The platform compensates such users via commissions in up to 20 lines depth within the network. Users should note, however, that compensations only apply if the referred prospects activate and fund their accounts.

The Miny.cc cryptocurrency mining platform promises its users a simple, limitless, yet very dynamic mode of operation. While it wants to come out strongly as a wallet infrastructure, its mining facilities deserve an honorable mention.

For more information about Miny.cc, check out the platform’s website, or reach the team via email or through the official Telegram channel.

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