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6 July 2022
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More institutional investors enter crypto-market in the next 5 years

The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) has conducted a survey among institutional investors over the past two months. The results of that research show a number of interesting developments.

The survey asked major investors inter alia whether they plan to enter the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market in the next five years. As many as 41% said they planned to do so, despite the fact that many ICOs often do not deliver results or turn out to be a scam. ICOs are poorly regulated in many countries, but that is slowly changing with the increasing awareness of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In addition, platforms such as Binance Launchpad ensure safer token sales for investors.

Another remarkable fact is that the survey shows that 19% of investors expect cryptos to be normal investment options in 2021. This shows that more and more investors will enter the market in the coming years.

The survey was held during December 2018 and January 2019, and is therefore very recent. The CEO of GBBC, Sandra Ro, notes that on the basis of the results of the investigation of the organization, cryptocurrency and digital assets in 2027 will account for about 10% of the global gross domestic product (GDP). This means that large growth is expected in the coming years given the current situation on the crypto market.

The organization also published a survey last month, which showed that 63% of investors saw that older advisors do not understand blockchain and crypto. This emphasizes once again that the growth of the crypto industry can also be stimulated by better informing people about what exactly cryptocurrency and blockchain are. Only then will older advisers and executives see what impact the technology can have.

The same study also showed that 40% of institutional investors see blockchain as the most important technological innovation since the development of the internet. The results of the recent research offer hope for a new growth spurt for the crypto industry. However, cryptocurrency, digital assets and blockchain must be better explained to investors and executives in order to actually initiate that growth spurt.

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