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27 March 2023
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Opera launches new browser with built-in cryptocurrency wallet

The new Opera internet browser, “Opera 60,” also known as “Reborn 3,” was launched today on April 9 and comes with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

The browser is available for Windows, Linux and Mac and comes with the Opera Wallet, a built-in wallet for cryptocurrencies. Currently, the browser only supports ether (ETH) and other ERC-20 tokens on the ethereum blockchain.

The browser also has a “Web 3” browser built in. Web 3 is an umbrella term for “the internet of the future,” a decentralized internet using blockchain technology. Users can use the decentralized apps (dApps) of Web 3 with the browser.
Krystian Kolondra, vice president and chief of browsers at Opera, says the following about Web 3:

The more time we spend online, the more tools we need to help us control the security and privacy of our digital lives. With this important upgrade we take the first step in Web 3, the new web, where users are in control. We believe that every browser should be ready for Web 3 in 2019.

The browser can be linked to the Android version that was already released last year. The cryptocurrency wallet for the iOS version is still under development and should be released soon.
The browser also comes with a free built-in virtual private network (VPN) and an ad blocker.
At the end of February, the phone manufacturer HTC announced that it would be collaborating with Opera, allowing users of the HTC Exodus, a blockchain phone, to send micro payments to the website.
The Brave Browser announced last month that people can be paid in cryptocurrency by viewing advertisements through the browser.

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