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29 September 2023
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Privacy web browser Brave experienced strong growth in 2018

The statistics from 2018 show that the privacy-oriented web browser Brave has experienced strong growth. And that is not surprising, given that the project has already entered into several large partnerships.

The marketing of a new web browser is certainly not a walk in the park with competition from giants like Firefox and Chrome. Nevertheless, 2018 was, against the expectations of many, a particularly good year for Brave. So now more than 5.5 million people use the Brave browser every month.

And that success can be seen on all platforms on which Brave is available. The browser can be used on Android and iOS, but PC remains the primary platform for Brave. Users are particularly pleased with the progress in user privacy.

For more and more people, privacy becomes an issue, with news about surveillance authorities and data leaks at large companies. The Brave team seems to be able to answer this question with the development of anti-surveillance solutions. So it recently integrated the Tor browser, another browser that can not be tracked.

The collaborations that the team has with other companies are also very interesting. For example, Brave will become the standard browser on the HTC Exodus, one of the first blockchain phones on the market. Brave also chooses to use other, safer search engines such as DuckDuckGo.

The browser seems to be slowly but surely gaining grip, despite the strong competition in the browser market. The growth that the project went through in 2018 seems to continue in 2019, with more and more new interesting partnerships. An interesting project to keep an eye on!

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