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6 July 2022
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Prominent Crypto Strategist Goes Viral, Says Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP Poised for Epic Rally That Will Put 2017 to Shame

Prominent crypto analyst and influencer Crypto Bitlord says Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and XRP are on the verge of a rally that will put the 2017 bull market to shame.

In a tweetstorm, Crypto Bitlord tells his 120,000 Twitter followers he believes it’s only a matter of time before Bitcoin takes out psychological resistance of $10,000 en route to its ascent to a new all-time high.

“This isn’t a 2017 style pump starting. It’s a 2020 galactic pump made possible with MORE people and MORE money. After you zoom out on this pump years from now, you’ll see 2017 was just a fucking test… It’s happening…

$11,000 coming within four weeks probably less than two. After consolidation, [Bitcoin] will begin the ATH climb.”

The crypto firebrand is also bullish on ETH, and expects the second-largest cryptocurrency to double its value by next month.

“The next monthly [candle] for ETH should take us near $500.”

In addition, the crypto strategist thinks that XRP – a coin that has caught the ire of many investors as it continues to languish in bear territory – will shock naysayers and leave disbelievers in the dust.

“XRP is on the edge of a vertical style pump. Come back to this tweet in a few days and ask yourself: ‘why didn’t I buy’.”

Crypto Bitlord is known for his sharp critique of the San Francisco payments startup Ripple. In August of last year, he launched a petition urging the San Francisco startup to stop selling its XRP holdings. The crypto analyst said he believes Ripple’s sales are flooding the market and preventing the price of XRP from rising.

But not all analysts believe that the crypto market is ready to pump anytime soon. Crypto strategist CryptoAmsterdam tells his 15,000 Twitter followers that the end of a short-lived altcoin season is likely on the horizon.

“I do think the altcoin party will end very soon… [Bitcoin] dominance [at] weekly support. BTC ranges for 70+ days. BTC volatility at lows only seen four times since 2017. These lows were followed up by 50%-250% BTC moves. Q3 has been bearish historically.”

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