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27 November 2021
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Re-prophesizing on Warren Buffet’s Investment Theories for Bitcoin (BTC)

One of Warren Buffet’s 7 principles to investing asks to buy wonderful businesses not Cigar Butts.

Re-prophesizing on that, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Just wondering if Bitcoin is not a Cigar Butt, but a wonderful business.  It has got more than one puff. But think it is Altseason!”

Investing in Bitcoin is less complicated than other Digital Currencies.  It is pure store of value and there is nothing to understand in it.  You need not understand things like cross border payments, on-demand liquidity, payment remittances, enterprise solutions and lot more of the use cases in the cryptocurrency space.

BTC is the easiest to start with in the cryptocurrency space.  You simply invest and leave it.  It grows.  If the rest of the market grows, it grows.  Just like you invest in Warren Buffet’s company when he first stated like say $1000 and it is 17 million by now. 

Investors sleep and the money grows? There is no need to understand the economics of how the value of Bitcoin grows.  And, there is nothing to understand about it.  The best of the bitcoin investor has no idea, what the real economics of Bitcoin is other than knowing that PoW consumes lot of electricity!

Bitcoin (BTC) in 10 years From Now

In 10 years from now and 20 years from now you know the Bitcoin price is going to rise, because everyone are expecting it to rise.  And, you have to believe that the value will grow without any special marketing for Bitcoin.  The decentralized system sustains itself.  But, there are miners who need to be around to keep the show going with the PoW.  So, these are all an average investor’s understanding of the Bitcoin world.

So, what about the Bitcoin is going to change in the forth coming years?  Are we are entering the ever evolving world of cryptocurrency, where the Bitcoin investment interest will become as extinct as the existence of Dinosaurs?  Will Bitcoin become the museum thing as it has very less marketing happening? Will it be the world of Altcoins?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are marketing hard on their use case, Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) on theirs, Bitcoin SV (BSV) on theirs, and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) on theirs.  It just looks like all the hard core developers knew that something is missing in Bitcoin and that it required a use case to propel further. 

Perhaps, Bitcoin will become a historical museum stuff that will be hailed the master template and the rest of the Altcoins will enjoy the audience created by the glamour of Bitcoin. Altseason soon. People cannot wait for 20 long years for a share of their profit pie!  Altcoins tend to give instant gratification.

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