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4 June 2023
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Reach for the Stars with Chainlink: MoonDAO Integrates Chainlink VRF for a Fair Shot at Zero-G Flight Experience

The use of blockchain technology in real-world cases has significantly been simplified by the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF). Already, several blockchains have integrated with the Chainlink VRF to ensure that users can audit random selections, which was previously not the case. Moreover, it was extremely difficult for blockchain firms to convince their users that a draw winner was randomly selected without the on-chain proof.

However, Chainlink has provided DeFi developers with a quick way of integrating the verifiable random function into their smart contracts as shown by the source code below.

Notably, the Chainlink VRF has top DeFi platforms as clients including Axie Infinity (AXS), Polychain Monsters, Pancakeswap, and Aavegotchi, among many others.

MoonDAO Taps Chainlink for Fair Space Selection
The MoonDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization focused on creating a self-sustaining settlement on Moon, has announced the second integration with Chainlink VRF to fairly select winners for a Zero-Gravity flight. The MoonDAO entity is not new to the Chainlink community after last year’s integration of the Verifiable Random Function to select the winning NFT Ticket to Space through a public draw.

Pablo Moncada-Larrotiz, Founder at MoonDAO, noted;

Without Chainlink VRF providing a tamper-proof and verifiable source of randomness, it would be incredibly difficult for entrants to verify the fairness of our competition. Through on-chain transparency, VRF helps strengthen the integrity of our competition and helps demonstrate that all entrants have a fair chance of winning this life-changing adventure,

Having successfully deployed the VRF last year, the MoonDAO community is confident of fair results through an auditable process.

MoonDAO noted that the winner of the zero-g event will join astronauts Doug Hurley and Nicole Stott in experiencing zero gravity. The team is expected to fly in parabolic arcs to create a weightless environment where they get to float, flip, and soar as if they were in outer space.

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