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Ripple CTO Says He Would “Almost Certainly” Buy XRP If He Didn’t Have Skin in the Game

David Schwartz claims that he would still purchase XRP even if he wasn’t involved in Ripple

In a series of recent tweets, Ripple CTO David Schwartz claims that he would “almost certainly” invest in XRP even if he wasn’t the chief technologist of the blockchain company behind it.

Schwartz reports that at one point he owned more than 40 different tokens, and he still holds some of them to this day.

“Almost certainly. I was a bitcoin miner in 2011. I bought ETH in the first offering. I’ve held a number of ICO tokens and still hold some. I’ve probably owned at least 40 different tokens at one time or another.”

Schwartz is not an XRP tycoon

The price of XRP reached $3.65 back in January 2018, which made Ripple’s co-founders and bosses filthy rich (for a bit).

Its former CEO Chris Larsen was technically one of the wealthiest people in the world with a net worth of nearly $60 bln.

Unlike Larsen and Ripple co-founder McCaleb, Schwartz preferred a two percent stake in Ripple instead of XRP holdings—despite being the main architect of the cryptocurrency that is struggling to shrug off centralization accusations.

Back in 2018, Schwartz claimed that Ripple didn’t create XRP, and its success wasn’t actually correlated to the company itself.

Fast forward to today, when XRP is changing hands below $0.20, and Schwartz believes that it is valued fairly.

If Ripple wasn’t a thing

Speaking of an alternate universe in which he would not be laser-focused on Ripple and proving that XRP is decentralized, Schwartz said that he would be working on something else. He wrote:

“If I wasn’t so focused on Ripple, I probably would be building tokenless smart contract systems.”

However, he’s not “fully convinced” that programmable smart contracts are going to be a big deal in the future.

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