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6 June 2023
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Ripple Is One of the 50 Most Disruptive Startups on Earth, According to CNBC

Ripple is now one of the most disruptive startups in existence, according to a new review from a top US financial outlet.

The crypto-focused payments company holds the 28th spot on CNBC’s new Disruptor 50 list. CNBC says that the companies on its list have collectively raised over $74 billion and continue to grow despite the global economic pullback.

“[These companies] are poised to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic with tech platforms that have the power to dominate.

The start-ups making the 2020 Disruptor list are at the epicenter of a world changing in previously unimaginable ways, turning ideas in cybersecurity, education, health IT, logistics/delivery, fintech and agriculture into a new wave of billion-dollar businesses.”

CNBC reviewed more than 1,000 startups, narrowed its list to fewer than 200 and then analyzed which companies are performing well in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to determine its final 50.

When evaluating the San Francisco-based tech startup Ripple, the outlet highlights its use of the crypto asset XRP to power instant and cost-effective remittances.

“Digital assets and blockchain technology have the potential to make a tremendous impact on cross-border payments – MoneyGram and Ripple is an example of that.”

The popular trading app Robinhood, which allows users to buy and sell stocks as well as cryptocurrencies, ranks 46th on the Disruptor list.

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