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Ripple News Today – Ripple Works With BRD to Promote Mainstream Cryptocurrency Adoption – July 1st, 2020

  • Ripple and BRD Work Toward Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrencies
  • Demand for the XRP-based Banking App XUMM is Growing Steadily 

Ripple News Today – The CEO of BRD, Adam Traidman recently talked about how cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology are going to reach mainstream adoption. Traidman said that the primary variable is simplification. If they can make the use of cryptocurrencies as simple as possible, adoption will not be a problem on a global scale. So far, cryptocurrency-based apps like PayID, XUMM, and BRD are already paving the way for an increase in adoption because of how easy they are to use.

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Ripple News Today – Easy to Use Cryptocurrency Platforms are Essential for Promoting Global Adoption

BRD is a cryptocurrency wallet that was released in 2014. At first, it was available on Apple App Store. Right now, it is accessible in over 170 countries and it manages over $6 billion in cryptocurrencies. During a podcast with David Schwartz, Traidman said that more companies and individuals are starting to get interested in cryptocurrencies because the cryptocurrency banking apps have almost all the same functions as a traditional bank app. In his words;

“[From] people sending money home to their friends and families abroad [to]folks who don’t have bank accounts who can log into our app. They don’t need to have an ID, they don’t need to register. They could go spend that [money]and change the life of their family. The main reason why people use our app today is that it’s just really easy to get started. [It’s] like an AWS [Amazon Web Services] for blockchains. We’ve got large banks, accounting firms, and system integration companies…starting to use our platform to accelerate the development of [blockchain]apps. We can do more at scale [so our customers can]achieve a higher level of functionality, and therefore offer end-customers a better product or service.”

Ripple News Today – Demand for the XRP-based Banking App XUMM is Growing Steadily

While BRD is a cryptocurrency wallet that can be used not just for XRP but for Bitcoin and other tokens as well, XRP is still making waves with banking apps. For example, XUMM, an XRP-based banking app that was created in March, has gotten a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers. XUMM has all the functions of a traditional bank account. It doesn’t just allow you to manage XRP tokens, you can also manage your Fiat currencies from the app. You can also issue digital checks through the app and modify transactions that are not on the way.

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